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F1 2012 very fast times

Discussion in 'F1 2012 - The Game' started by SfanFZR, Nov 19, 2012.

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  1. Here are my fast times so far, in this collection:
  2. Chris

    Ted Kravitz Appreciation Society Staff Member Premium Member

    Where is the steering wheel?
    Are you playing on Ultra low or something?
  3. I lowered graphic, on some tracks you can see wheel, I don't know why I get these errors
  4. Terrible graphics. Try it in career mode, all aids off. Manual gearbox and a damage mod. ;)
  5. CHEATER !!!
  6. Interesting. Could you explain how did you find he was cheating?
  7. he doesn´t use so many times the apex, do you really think you can be so fast with such an "dirty" round?
    Same like this:

    Here you see the special grip mod...
    Oh did you see that there isn´t a wheel too?
  8. Chris

    Ted Kravitz Appreciation Society Staff Member Premium Member

    You're incredibly quick, almost too quick. But have you thought of driving... well... smoothly? You could improve your laptimes even more if you were smoother.
  9. I think you're right. Too much grip even for TT and his driving ahmmm.... don't wanna comment. BTW I think the wheel is non present because of the low graphics settings. It's bad to cheat actually. Really bad.
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  10. HAHA timetrial mode with extra grip and you need driving assists?
    codemasters should remove all asissts from the game. this game is so easy. and the timetrial mode has extra grip youll nerver get in gp mode/qualifying.

    EDIT: wow and youre a cheater. nice...... ...
    omg....... livetimeban pls crashkid !!! ban him out of this board
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  11. I still don't understand how he got that much acceleration from the car
    He entered Senna-S at 0:04 sec in Gear 2 and Exited by 0:08 in Gear 6 and entered into straight by 0:11 then his gear box was Hitting Full revs by 0:15 also he didn't used DRS until he was at the start of the Straight. What kind of Mod are you using Man What's your setup??
  12. I don't know what he was using but I bet I can do under 1 minute with it.
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  13. turn 11-12 in Melbourne with 7th gear and 260 km/h is a bit too much isn't it?:confused: As Victor said, with these setups i can lower all my laptimes by 20-30 seconds.:whistling:
  14. To any one is it Possible to accelerate That much quicker with the Settings we have in game??
  15. Probably it's a cheat Kartik..Only Chuck Norris can accelerate so fast:cool:
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  16. If it was a Mod then i guess he may altered the .CTF files of the Mclaren
    I don't believe any one can go that fast with going on the Dirty line. If the Super quick drivers of RD found this Mod they may blitz the Timings by 30 ~ 40 seconds.
  17. That's what he sent to me in YouTube:
    " From: SfanFZR

    Subject: f1 2012
    I used assists, I use pad with adjusted advanced wheel settings of deadzones etc, in f1 2012 pad is faster than wheel, losts of prooving videos are done about this, pad doesn't seem nice and correct as wheel, it's the game's fault like nfs udnercover, then I reduced downforce to have good straight speed and time was fast, I downloaded f1 2012 and my patches are messed, which messed graphics, so I can't play online and no harm was done there, also I don't claim these times to be records or for competitions, grip mod is not used

    I named video only like hot lap nothing else, I hope you understand these things "
    Bla bla bla don't believe this at all :D
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  18. Whats the point? An arcade gamer trying to impress F1 fans. Sad.
  19. Pad is faster than a wheel. Load of nonsense this fella. Not only it is not faster (its exactly the same in the best of hands) its way less fun.

    Funny how the grip looks exactly like 2011.

    Hate cheaters.
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  20. Tom

    Staff Emeritus Premium Member

    Downloading games? You'll have a bad time on here. (Possibly) Cheating through CTF files? Man...you'll have the worst time on here.

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