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F1 2012 The Game: Screenshots

Discussion in 'F1 2012 - The Game' started by Darren Bentley, May 31, 2012.

  1. [​IMG]
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  2. [​IMG]
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  3. [​IMG]
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  4. You beat me to it Darren :mad: ;) Then about to do exactly the same...
    I think they look really good, much better than 2011...
  5. :p And yeah they do look better than 2011 :)
    that Williams image looks beautiful
  6. Looks wonderful, except the butt-ugly noses of the cars! :)
  7. Apart from the cars, it looks exactly the same as 2011
  8. graphics and colour looks exactly the same as 2011, nothing different apart from the car textures are more sharp.
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  9. maybe they have been working more on gameplay rather than graphics like TBH they should be doing.
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  10. Reb Bull gives you wings :p
    Look the front tires
  11. They developed the tyres..If you look tyres they mostly fixed tyre.now yellow places is much realistic.blur is much better :D
  12. These images are beautiful.
    I am impatient so see what has changed for report to F1 2011.
    I also hope there will be a game demo for PC.
  13. Codemasters is also very developed by themself.so I think this year very very good game will coming out :D
  14. True they could actually go beyond the extra mile.

    But think how many people really can run a game if 2012 actually featured true DX11 power. Tessellation mainly, among DOF and other sweet things would cripple the game. Yes most of us like myself have no problem, but in Codemasters shoes they also have to think thats not mainly PC, is also console.
    Now I can counter my own words by simply saying, well they can just have the option to enable disable dx11.
    We have the guys here in RD, our good ol modders that have been able to re-render the noses and car models to 2012 specs, just missing the hi-res text for the models now, Its a shame really that codies could do better. Lets hope they are actually dedicatiing more graphical power, and please they need to use Dolby Digital (prefer DTS-HD) instead of Rapture as a sound mixer.

    Im not trying to be a negative reviewere based on 3 pictures. To be honest the 2011 was a better release than 2010, ignoring the 11-11 bug amongs others, it was quiet better than 2010.

    Now I just hope they can make the Online a lot better. Being able to create a server with GFWL is not impossible just take a look at Halo 2 for PC.

    Let us create out own helmet designs (no offense modders) in game sorta of like you get to custumize liveries in Forza (xbox). It really wouldnt bring performance down.

    One thing I wouldnt mind that came from me just playing GRID. Let us create our OWN team, brand , livery ....if you play GRID then you would know (a codemasters racing game which is real good btw).

    Please have the AI do reasonable times, and not only AI, but realistic times overall. It;s really retarde for me to think that I can do a 1:12:995 @ Hungary when we all know thats just not possible. Yes its a game and not a sim but really lets close that gap of Alien lap times to a bit omre realistic ones.

    After watching 2011 season let us not SLIDE liek crazy with DRS open in certain fast turns where we see real drivers just fly with the rear wing open.

    PLease, I would give almost anything.....Laser Scan the tracks, or at least like try to scale it as much as possible. Most tracks, mainly the turns, are either slightly small, or not enuff left or right curvature, even the KERBS, need to be taking into account.

    PLease, keep the game with updates and fixes, instead of most of us relying on 3rd parties.

    Make this game so my PC melts, graphically and acoustically.

    Fix the damn Penalty system and corner cutting.
    overall I'l still buy it and make a review as ai did for 2011 since the US gets it first release, that way you guys can make your minds into gettin it or not :p

    *edit note* oh I noticve how much "crowd" you guys have taken off 2011, please, its makes the game look bad, F1 the most viewed sport by motorsport fans, really...if its CPU power you guys worry, just take alook at some games in the Super Nintendo where they just got 1 generic copy of a 2D crowd and made it fill up the whole stadium, or ask Poliphony for help.
  15. September can't get here soon enough....
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  16. ups
  17. HOLY COW...
    SWEEET :laugh:
  18. ML2166

    If quizzes are quizzical then what are tests?

    We have floating cars again

  19. Car models look good. I'm trying to envision those models with ML helmets right now...
  20. it agrees...