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F1 2012 The Game: HD Modifications

Discussion in 'F1 2012 - The Game' started by Tom, Oct 18, 2012.

  1. Tom

    Staff Emeritus Premium

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  2. Von Butters

    Von Butters

    Do any of these mods prevent online play at all?
  3. Tom

    Staff Emeritus Premium

    You should be fine as long as your database hasn't been modified, neither of these mods requires changing the database. :)
  4. Bram

    Ezekiel 25:17 Staff Premium

    This community holds some very talented people we can be very proud of when seeing this list. Fantastic work :thumbsup:
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  5. Excellent Job guys.
  6. Favourited this page :D, will you be updating it if more content comes out?
  7. ARG1980

    Copenhagen APEX Premium

    What a nice overview, thank you.
    I big thank you to all the modders!
  8. Tom

    Staff Emeritus Premium

    I'll update this thread if needed. Easier and more people will notice. :)
  9. "great out of the box"?

    Sorry guys, this is not true.

    It looks a little bit bad for a 2012 game, its extremly limited because of the old, slow video-consoles.

    rFactor with a good ENB setting looks much better and has real HD-texture with good (F1)-mods and of course much much better physics and options.
  10. Tom

    Staff Emeritus Premium

    No offence but I've played the review version, before the game has been released - and it looked great back then as well. rFactor might look good but that does involve mods. Straight out of the box rFactor can't keep up. Pretty obvious due to it's age.

    Now add mods to F1 2012 and rFactor 1 can't keep up even with it's mods. Also, you don't need to like what you see - it would be boring if everyone had the same taste, no? :)
  11. Nice but look at the helmets positions @ Ferrari Drivers ;-)
  12. F1 2012 rocks now. There is no other Grand Prix game or modset to match it. The cars, the tracks and the racing are top of the game right now. I am talking about the PC version of course which is far superior to the console versions due to the mods. I love it. :)
  13. Same question as Christopher Hall, do these mods run on multiplayer?
  14. Tom

    Staff Emeritus Premium

    If you're having the same question why wouldn't you read the answer to said question just below Christophers post?
  15. sorry mate. thanks
  16. I've got a problem... i did the mod for all cars and venom's custom wteering wheels, but when i start loading a race it crashes to desktop... any help??? also, what's the difference betweem 4096 and 8192????
  17. Nice post!!!
    Haven't noticed the Toro Rosso 2xHD. Time to download it! Guess i have all the other mods already :rolleyes:
    Im trying to make some steering wheels to add to the list, but im having a lot of work.
    But my "guess" is that a like doing this, just spent 13 hours yesterday trying to make the steering wheel for Lotus :D
    One mod that im using and i can't play without it is the damage mod, i really hate the strong F1 cars made by CM :roflmao:
  18. 4096 x 8192 is the difference of size of the textures. If you use a 8192 texture you will have better quality textures in your game, but also you will need more video memmory. Not sure why it crashes to desktop, but maybe its because its using too much vram. Try to use 4096 if you are using 8192. ;)
  19. thanks man, I fixed it. Had some issues with some camera mods
  20. Nicky Graho

    Nicky Graho
    @ Simberia @Simberia