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F1 2012 The Game: Grab The Demo

Discussion in 'F1 2012 - The Game' started by Tom, Sep 12, 2012.

  1. Tom

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  2. :sleep: Looks stunning but it's still a Codemaster title, car banging over high curbs and the only thing that happens is the front wing flexing a bit.................. I'm skipping this years release.
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  3. Dont know :D it's gonne be a maybe :p
  4. Looks like CM has missed the whole point of the complaints people had about the Kerbs in 2010.

    Everyone complained - and rightly so - about being spun when just using the kerbs, like they are used in real life.

    Along came 2011, now you were able to use the whole thing, including the red bumpy mountain thingy on the inside of the kerb, without any effect.

    Same thing is happening in 2012 now, looking at the vids.

    So clearly they have the balance wrong there. The only place it seems 'normal', is the final 2 turns at Spa - but Monza, Singapore etc. can be improved.

    I am sure nobody insisted to be able to use the red mountain humps in 2010 - only the normal kerb.
  5. kerb spinning?

    you can still manage reasonable times without using the mountain kerbs. Own the track, dont let the track own you.

    I have never had no ne except on super wet races.

    this "complaniners" should probably enable Traction Control.

    So far not bad, of course console has the low quality end of the game, can't wait for PC.
  6. yeah tyler durden..
  7. One kerb, is the first kerb of the chicanes at Monza, it makes me slide very often, but i can handle it nowadays...
  8. :) looks real good
  9. Why after win monza race in demo, Promo say, 10 race season in full version? WTF its half of game?
  10. As with many driving/racing titles, looks ain't everything.
  11. In the wet weather clip @ Interlagos, why are the cars running dry tyres?

    It peeing it down with rain, the track is wet and the cars are driving slicks. Do Codies not know that the intermediates and wet tyres are green and blue?

    Thought this was supposed to be a licensed game too, lol.
  12. OK, I take my original post back. After watching a bit more of the clip, I see a pit stop is used to put on wets, lol.

    Watching without sound doesn't help.
  13. think before typing
  14. No mate, I did think before typing.

    The problem was I didn't watch.