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F1 2012 super unbalanced damage

Discussion in 'F1 2012 Mods' started by Man Nok Hung, Feb 12, 2013.

  1. Any Info about the Mod would be appreciated mate :)
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  2. no ^^
  3. what does this mod do ????????????
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  4. Looking to values it makes player invulnerable and AI takes lot of damage. Is it truth?
  5. gracias
  6. What This mod Nok ???? :whistling: :sleep:
  7. It makes ur car invulnerable to damage, when u set damage to full and you crash into someone or something, ur front wing or back wing or tires wont have damage. However, if AI cars crash into each other or they hit the barrier like in monaco, BOOM they disintegrate. Handy if you want no damage for urself but want to create havoc.
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  8. Theres a glitch if u hit the pit wall hard enough or something else, you will still get that red screen even if ur car dosent break.
  9. This is my first mod, comments are welcome
  10. i made something like this but with engine problems :roflmao:
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  11. k
  12. Feedback is appreciated
  13. I cant give you a feedback, i dont use it sorry! :laugh:
  14. thanks!
  15. does not work for me
  16. works now, but when i crash into another car it also gives me the same amount of damage, so my car is not invulnerable to damage, but for the rest it works. cars really crash nicer now. How to fix my issue though? i don't want that damage if i use this mod ;)
  17. Man Nok Hung what value is the one for my own damage? should I change it here?? (in wordpad or something)
    Could you describe what value does what to who? so i can better understand the numbers... i uploaded a picture, thanks!

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