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F1 2012 Steering Assist always on

Discussion in 'F1 2012 - The Game' started by Luis Mendonça, Sep 22, 2012.

  1. Well, I just bought and played F1 2012 ( On PC), passed through the initial tests ( barely ) and now I am trying ( yeah trying ) to play the game as normal.
    However most of the turns are "unturnable" since the game has automatic assist! I am always off the track
    due to the lack of turn from my driver's wheel, I have to go very slowly to be able to finish a lap.
    I understand some people use keyboards to play, use pads and would like steering help, but I can drive
    fast laps and be very competitive even on my xbox pad, the AI on legend used to be a joke even using a pad for me,
    and I use my pad for many games, and I don't want to buy a wheel, I am capable of using it to it's full capacity.
    But, come on, how can I not be able to turn this off??? There is simply no option!
    I am hugely disapointed, and it's unplayable at this point for me, I can't compete seriously not even with the AI, and
    the worst, I am almost sure that there will be no patch or anything from Codemasters, as usual...

    Just wanted to throw this one off, maybe someone else has had it, maybe I am missing something, I don't know...
    I just want to finish a lap!! :mad:
  2. In driving controls > control profile > custom > and customize your controller profile
    then, override input device type > "steering wheel" this make your control directly without assist
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  3. It's really funny sometimes how people start complain from a game and suddenly realize they did something wrong :D
  4. Thanks Pattan, I didn't know that was possible, hope I will finally be able to play this!

    I really didn't know I could do this, and since there is no option to turn assists off, I tried putting my problem here at the forum, and explain my frustration, which really helped, since I got the reply I wanted. I am sorry if I offended you in any way.
  5. Tom

    Staff Emeritus Premium Member

    In his defense: I had some friends over and they wanted to play, so I enabled all sorts of assists including automatic gearbox. They started playing and the gearbox was still manual. I changed it to automatic, a second time - it worked.

    Then they wanted me to do a lap of Monaco and I disabled all the driving aids. Yet, the automatic gearbox, TCS etc. were still active - so I disabled them all again and it worked.

    Seems like sometimes the game doesn't recognize such changes immediately.
  6. Scott Tanner

    Scott Tanner
    3vil - Steam

    That is a bad option for joypad users. It makes the steering ridiculously sensitive no matter the advanced setting ( saturation deadzone etc ) using a pad with that override.
  7. Yeah, I just came back from the game after using that option, and while it does the trick, it becomes really sensitive.
    I will eventually adapt myself to this new way of handling, now I am starting to finish races near 10th - 8th using a force india, so it's good for now. It seems the more you cut from a curve, the better, of course, everyone wants to cut the curve and be faster at the end of it, but sometimes we commit mistakes, and in this case we can't recover without really controlling the car, we miss the curve, hit the grass and BOOM spin =)

    Something nice I noticed in the game is that AI is way more agressive IMO, had a crash with Vergne and Schumacher at the same time due to their agression.