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Skins F1 2012 SPORTING F1 SKIN 1.0


  1. There are five little problems:

    1. Sporting name not apears entirely. (Right side S is cutted, Left side is G).
    2. On Sporting weapon, inside the letter P on SCP was not cutted out.
    3. Wheels are too shinny, like chrome.
    4. All air intakes and carbon fiber parts are white. :O_o:
    5. It isn't the Sporting that I used to know. :p

    But it's nice.
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  2. Why you dont do it?
  3. Actually I have no time, I've tried to do once, but specocc is very annoying to make it right.

    It was only a suggestion to improve it. Don't take it as "you can't do this". I only just wanna help.
  4. thanks for your suport