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F1 2012 Season

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by jlarreal, Nov 6, 2011.

  1. I would like to create a Fantasy 2012 season, i want to know how to changea the drivers names and nationalities, for example, there are a lot of rumors that Raikkonen might be back in a Williams ditching Barrichello. So I want to place Kimi instead of Rubens, changing also the flag (nationality). I also want to put Kubica back in Renault ( Kubica in, Heidfeld out). Maybe even put Riccardo in STR ( Riccardo in, Buemi out).

    I know this is possible because some modders changed Senna for Heidfeld, and Riccardo for Kartikeyan.

    Also Is it possible to change the teams name? I think next year there will changes as well. Team Lotus will become Caterham, Virgin will become Marussia, and Renault will be Lotus.

    Please can anybody tell me how?? Right now i am looking on how to design a Helmet for RAI, and for KUB (hopefully they return).
  2. Ok i just now figured something out, to change the names i should use the LNG editor, but I can't change the nationality, I have Kimi Raikkonen in Williams as a Brazilian, how can I change it to Finnish? and also the Finnish flag?
  3. You need to edit database file. In "f1_drivers" there is line "nationality". Every country is assigned to number. You need to find ouy what number finnish is. Just look on heikki_kovalainen what number it is, and paste same number in rubens_barichello.
  4. Where can you change the name. Can help me one? Step by step instructions. Thank you