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F1 2012 Season Mod

Discussion in 'F1 2011 Mods' started by v1tek, Apr 1, 2012.

  1. Hello everyone. Today I saw a mod on the pages of this forum. In a private message I received some complaints from pmgl. To be honest I did not understand the translation and do not understand why this modification was removed. The authors pmgl, warok and the rest, I asked permission to use their materials. If I say no - I did not use the materials on this author. With pmgl I worked and asked him for permission first helmets. He did not tell me, what is not. The answer was: "Many helmets have I done." After that I supplied him with materials he used for helmets.
    The mod is very popular in Russia. He was downloaded by many people and everyone is happy with this modification. I am still receiving messages asking to put a link and why questions removed.
    I forgive you do not ignore this topic and say what was wrong with my mod?
    Thank you.
    Sorry for my english...
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  2. I support! And also want to know why the mod was removed?
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  3. Thank you.
  4. I support too! Tell us why the deleted mod.
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  5. где мод и обьяснения!!!
  6. Why the deleted mod?
  7. Mod is great!!!
    Creators are really good boys!! I love their!
  8. And what a mod? I'm not aware of? Who deleted? Why? Where can I download?
  9. You should be published separately.
    These files.
    Upload the entire game file.
    Seems to be deleted.
  10. I hope sincerely you will found an solution with authors ! Good job for helmets, pictures, ... :)
  11. I have to add that v1tek very kindly asked to use my Bahrain & Austin files for his own project and I gave him my permission to do whatever he wanted with those files.

    The files I adapted were for my personal use and when I released it I would have been happy if only one person enjoyed it , let alone the Russian nation :).

    Good luck with the mod.
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  12. I think that V1tek, it is very well where from comes works him(it).It is necessary he tries him(it) the time(weather) to resolve him(it).
    He also asked me for the permission, me he is granted(tuned) under 2 conditions.
    He asked for the authorization but a probleme arose.
  13. i have a problem no with this mod with F1 2011 why when i go to start a race the game stop and put error F1 2011.exe or somethign like this
  14. Hi everyone, I apologise for my mistakes in writing for english firstly. I have some problem with this add-ons to F1 Codemsters. I've installed it and I hadn't any problem with game, but when I's angry at kind of cameras, I've changed it for
    . Then I had from time to time a little troubles. Exactly the game was shouting down and displays the communicate that "F1 Codemasters executive stooped working". Could you solve my problem ?. Thanks in advice.
  15. I have a very big problem with the game. Exactly during the Bahrain GP when I've been pit-stop and the car's starting to exit pit-lane, it's hitting on the wall in pit-lane.This happens every time.