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F1 2012 Season Mod v1.0

Discussion in 'F1 2011 Mods' started by v1tek, Apr 8, 2012.

  1. [​IMG]

    Links to mod:

    List of changes:
    -All drivers of 2012
    -All livery of 2012
    Red Bull Racing - by v1tek
    Vodafone McLaren Mercedes - by LeoDSV
    Scuderia Ferrari - by warok
    Mercedes AMG Petronas Formula One Team - by LeoDSV
    Lotus F1 Team - by warok
    Sahara Force India F1 Team - by warok
    Sauber F1 Team - by warok
    Scuderia Toro Rosso - by v1tek
    Williams F1 Team - by warok
    Caterham F1 Team - by warok
    Marussia Racing - by F1pole team
    HRT F1 Team - by warok
    HRT F1 Team (3D model of the Mercedes in 2011) - LeoDSV
    1) In HD
    2) From the original resolution textures
    -All helmets of 2012 - pmgl
    -Pack helmets:
    -Mihail Aleshin - v1tek
    -Sergey Afanasiev - v1tek
    -Daniil Kvyat - v1tek
    -Jules Bianchi - v1tek
    -Robert Kubica - v1tek
    -Valtteri Bottas - TheDragon
    -Adrian Sutil - pmgl edit v1tek
    -Rubens Barrichello - pmgl edit v1tek
    -Esteban Gutierrez - v1tek
    -Sebastien Buemi - pmgl edit v1tek
    -Jaime Alguersuari - pmgl edit v1tek
    -Jerome d'Ambrosio - pmgl edit v1tek
    -Luiz Razia - v1tek
    -Dani Clos - TheDragon
    -Giedo van der Garde - pmgl
    -Oliver Turvey - v1tek
    -Sam Bird - TheDragon
    -Gary Paffett - TheDragon
    -Jarno Trulli - pmgl edit v1tek
    -Nick Heidfeld - TheDragon
    -Davide Rigon - v1tek and TheDragon
    -Fixed drivers pictures on the menu
    1) Pictures in the style of the channel skysports
    2) Conventional photography
    Changed the photo cars in the menu
    1) Pictures from the official application Formula 1
    2) Pictures in the style of the channel skysports
    3) Conventional photography
    -Added trails the U.S.A., Austin (Korea) and Bahrain, Sakhir (Turkey)
    -Modified the form of trails
    Calendar championship selection
    1) 20 tracks (2012, with Austin and Bahrain)
    2) 19 tracks (excluding Bahrain)
    3) 19 tracks (2011, Turkey)
    -Updated form and overalls for instructions
    -Removed the names of overalls all the teams
    -Updated the overalls drivers in the bolide
    -New for caps teams
    -Statistics based on the results of the last season
    -History of the pilots in the light of last season
    -The new logo for the team
    -Fixed team names
    -All teams new screen saver on your computer
    -New AI
    -Sewnfile flow.bin to save career
    -The new movie at the beginning of the game
    -Removed all labels in 2011 (excluding online)
    -Kers for Caterham
    -Kers for HRT
    -Wheels for Katerhema and HRT
    -New pictures of helmets on the menu for all military riders
    -New pictures of helmets for drivers in the menu of the pack
    -Updated the paddock
    -Updated garages
    -All new pilots made the face
    -Changed the location of the base and the HRT and Caterham
    -Changed the head of HRT
    -Changed the indices of bolides
    -Changed the engines some teams
    Pirelli Tires, 2012
    A) P ZERO
    2) CINTURATO 2012
    -Russian localization

    The authors of the mod:
    Build, AI, Garages, Coveralls, Paddock, Biographies and statistics, photo pilots and helmets, cars on the menu, some of the test pilots helmets, race cars of Red Bull and Toro Rosso - v1tek;
    Some helmets are test pilots, packing some files - TheDragon
    Data collection and assignment of textures, as well as creating files *. Pssg - EgorMinin
    Russian localization, help with the English localization and database, AI ​​- AlexandrX1
    Modifying the appearance of lines - Reddvers
    Helmets of all prizes pilots - pmgl
    Most of the bolides - warok
    Fireballs McLaren, Mercedes and HRT, pack some files - LeoDSV
    Clip at the beginning of the game - pavellegstaev
    List of Activity:
    artem, AntonYakovlev, LeoDSV, Alejandro, Vitalion

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    If someone does not like something in the design, authoring, etc. Write the topic, but do not remove it all at once. I asked about the use of the material. The site appeared fashion. Neither the description nor the authors. This man is not asking anyone to have used materials. All of discontent in this topic: http://www.racedepartment.com/forum/threads/f1-2012-season-mod.49300/
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  2. please photos of the drivers new faces
  3. Please host on the media fire, is not possible to download this link with freeaccounts
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  4. yes, the download won't start and then I have reached my max downloads for a free gast.
  5. I can not fill until ... Tomorrow, someone will ask.
  6. is not possible to download this link
  7. after muchinsistingI coulddownload...

    I amnow settingthedatabaseto makethe performance ofdrivers and teamsaccording tothe first 2races of the season, ifyoupost aftersuccess.

    Sorry forbadEnglish
  8. Will you please upload to mediafire, because from that link download takes 4 hours :D:( (Sorry for my english)
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  9. Thanks mate.;)
  10. Is this forced in russian, or can it be switched back to english.
  11. Thank you.
    Great work!
  12. Localization of your choice. You can put both Russian and English.

    The site has facemakers? Maybe someone with experience pes was. We need to do a nice texture to the face of new pilots. It might be version 2.0.
  13. Is this mod in english and have this mod the new ace 1.2 AI mod?
  14. Very great work v1tek!!! And thanks;)
  15. Hi everyone, im new to these forums, I have been reading a long time and finally registered.
    Just installed the mod. Works fine! Absolutely great mod, thank you very much!
  16. Hey v1tek,

    nice work at your 2012 Season Mod. Would you mind telling me what files do i need to copy over to my F1 2011 folder to just get the 2012 cars as a picture on the "select-a-car-menu"? Is it possible to play online after replacing the pictures of the 2011 cars with the new 2012 cars?

    Here is what i'm talking about: http://i31.fastpic.ru/big/2012/0330/66/18024b6226cb3dfe472cce4f5e50b066.png

    @Thanks for your answer, v1tek. :)
  17. No, this is your own AI. Bots make mistakes, take off, attack, etc.
    Photo bolides in the folder "Photo bolides in the menu". Pilots - "Photo drivers in the menu".
    With online no problems.
  18. how namy flashbacks have this mod?
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  19. When I have copied all of this mod to my game folder and then I copie the ace 1.2 AI, I get a message when I start up the game: Save data corrupt. how can I fix that. Can't the ace 1.2 AI mod with this mod?

    sorry for my bad english, I'm from Holland and can't speak and write good english.

    gr Jansma