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F1 2012 - Realistic Damage

Discussion in 'F1 2012 Mods' started by Cromiell, Sep 26, 2012.

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  1. F1 2012 - Realistic Damage v3.0 by Cromiell for Players & AI


    I'd like to present 3rd version of my Damage Modification for F1 2012. Now it is possible to tweak damage only for player, only for AI or for both player & AI - by your choose.
    The following mod is fully compatible with all of the patches!

    Change Log UPDATE to v3.0:
    • Omitted tag "impact_ai_player_modifier" has been fixed
    • Omitted values for "impact_ai_player_modifier" for Player, AI, Player & AI have been added
    • Increased the collision sensitivity for immovable objects for every level what should result in more realistic damage for any contacts with walls and barriers or any other circuit objects
    • Changed "impact_player_player_modifier" to 0.5 (may prevent crashing the game when trying to join Multiplayer). However, please note that "Realistic Damage" mod WILL NOT work in Multiplayer. Nor, will any other damage modding. You will be kicked immediately after joining.


    It will increase yours and/or AI damage level based on percentage of basic settings. Please note that both
    players and AI damage will be set to the same value.


    HOW TO:

    1. Unpack the archive.
    2. Choose whose damage settings should be increased:
    • Player only,
    • AI only,
    • both Player and AI.
    3. Choose your desired damage increase level:
    • 1x (Very Small),
    • 2x (Small),
    • 3x (Medium),
    • 4x (High),
    • 5x (Very Realistic),
    • 6x (Hardcore).
    NOTE: I recommend setting choosing between x4 and x5 damage. x5 may be a bit too tricky for the rear of your car and I find it bit overpowered in that case. 4x is fully fine in my opinion.

    4. Copy your chosen loose_parts_settings.xml file to your F1 2012 [PC] game main folder. Click YES to replace.
    5. Play the game and enjoy!


    See also:


    After no fixes being done to F1 2012 Safety Car, remydeleeuw and his team decided to work their own way around. Need more drama? Download it as soon as possible! Safety Car fix included, chance improved, expanded trigger system, longer period of debris and cars staying on the track and much, much more to come! Work is still in progress so make sure you have the newest version. Safety Car Mod and Realistic Damage Mod partnered, to give you the most realistic experience of F1 2012 drama and thriller ever! None of your career's races will be boring now. Welcome to the real world of action.

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  2. Thank you and please post the ai tweaks aswell.
  3. Thanks :thumbsup:
  4. Any chance that this damage mod can ensure that damage is received on car with impact - but to "remove" the engine blow up? Thanks for the mod btw
  5. If you could make a version, where the AI has the same damage as the player in normal, high and very high, that would be fantastic :)
  6. yeah it would be great if you could make an AI Version with the same Damage settings :) Great Job so far Thanks ;)
  7. Thanks, nice job mate
  8. Scott Tanner

    Scott Tanner
    3vil - Steam

    Nice. I would like to chip in that i would like the AI to have the same damage also.
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  9. Thanks for the mod. Please can you do the same for the AI?
  10. Is this compatible with Patch 2?
  11. Yes... I will release another mod with AI soon.
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  12. Benutzername

    The Will to Death is what keeps me alive Premium Member


    Your last mod was cool, but too less damage to be real.

    But now, i drive with variation 6 and it is so realistic! I touch the wall in interlagos with 250 km/h and sometomes my wheel is away then!
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  13. I could make eventualy level 7 but in my opinion AI would cause a lot of red flags then. It's way too much for the current game to handle that. Thanks for your opinion.
  14. Benutzername

    The Will to Death is what keeps me alive Premium Member

    Hm, i tried to dirve a race, but with level six, KABOOM!

    Now i am not sure if i schould use 4 or 5, level 7 would be very realistic, but its not drivable for a long race, i think.

    But it would be funny if i had level one and AI level 7 ;D

    But i dont want that really :D
  15. Yeah, that's what I was talking about. AI make way too much contacts for high settings. "No Safety Car" problem doesn't help it.
  16. thanks u so much, i needed this mod =)
  17. Hi Guys,

    First of all thanks for the modding!
    I would like to know where I can find the loose_parts_settings.xml file.

    Thanks in advance and keep up the good work!
  18. As Readme.txt and main post mentions the file you need to replace exists in your F1 2012 main folder.
  19. Thank you.
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