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Misc F1 2012 Realism mod

Discussion in 'F1 2012 Mods' started by Demy van Zoggel, Nov 18, 2012.

  1. F1 2012 Realism mod

    The F1 2012 Realism mod is made for people who like to play offline modus but do like realism, what is an f1 game without realism?

    This mod (v3.1) contains the following:

    Realistic AI behaviour:
    • AI will overtake more
    • AI will not back out when they are on the inside at a corner
    • AI rarely (but they do) brake late and crash into other drivers
    • AI will not wait until all cars get passed when they are off the track, but will try to merge into the field
    Realistic AI strength:
    • AI drivers pace is up to date according to the 2012 season
    • AI is more aggressive
    Mechanical Failures and DNF's
    • AI will have more mechanical failures than CM last released patch
    • Mechanical failures happen according to 2012 season, That means HRT will have more mechanical failure than Ferrari
    • Each race will have between 1-5 cars that will retire due mechanical failures, the total can sum up to 7 if there occur some crashes.
    • The DNF's can depend on your racing skill, if you make a lot of mistake the AI gets caught in this and crash into each other. So be sure you're up to the difficulty settings where you belong!
    Race Distance

    • There are 5 distances available: 25%, 50%, 75% 100% and Career mode.
    • If you want to play 25% races with tyre scaling, install the 50% mod and select 25% races ingame
    • If you want to play 75% races with tyre scaling, install the 75% mod and select 100% races ingame
    • You cannot play other distances than installed (except for 25%)
    • If you want to play Career mode just install that version, this version also works with Quick races it just doesn't support any tyre scaling
    • This mod includes tyre scaling on 50% and 75% races and improved tyre scaling on 100%
    • This is the first mod with tyre scaling that affects the tyre wear!
    • Fixed tyre selection on Brazil and Texas
    • Tyre wear does not work in career. If you want to play this mod for career, install the Career version of the mod
    • 50 Flashbacks
    -I recommend not to use any flashbacks, since its known cars will crash when they are in mid-corner
    -My database supports the Safety Car mod
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  2. Will you please made for career mod like this? :rolleyes: Or i just don't get it. It's work only on QR or on Qr and Career?
  3. If this isn't for career then I don't understand what this 50-100 % Stands for. Either way I will try this in career mod just to see if it works
  4. Im sorry, forgot to say that that is lap distance. So you can choose between 50%, 75% and 100%
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  5. it would be great to have this for career mode also!​
    great work though!​
  6. Benutzername

    The Will to Death is what keeps me alive Premium

    For all it isnt possible?

    Just asking, cause i have no idea which of them i should use
  7. What do you mean? You want to use them for career?
  8. Benutzername

    The Will to Death is what keeps me alive Premium

    No, i want that the failures and so on are realistic on all lenghts of a race, so hat it is realistic on 5 laps, 25%, 50%, 100%...

    I dont really understand why in teh package is only 50%, then 100% so seperate.

    So i have no Idea which one i should use because i always change the lenght of my races...
  9. It is seperated because of the tyre scaling. If you use the 50% mod and you go do 100% you will need to make twice as much pitstops as normal. If you want to do both distances just switch the database files. ;)
  10. Does the players tyres wear at the same rate as the ai's with this mod? Meaning you can't just stay out for loads longer between stops than them.

    Also do the ai pit when their tyres are worn instead of just staying out?
  11. Yes the player's tyre wear is the same
  12. That's great, I will try out and test. Hopefully the ai are still quick on worn tyres not losing loads of time?
  13. why are 50% races now not 50%? At silverstone for examplea 50% race is only 20 laps?

    I tried 75% and thats only 20 laps also. Did you achieve the tyre wear scaling by shortening the number of laps?
  14. You are right, thats a dumb mistake by me. I've patched the 50%.
    But 75 should be right? You have to do 100% to get 75% distance in the mod.

    And you need te seperate databases, you can't play 50% with the 75% mod!
  15. I tried this on a career and I think it may be working. The first 2 races I had were vanilla with 1 DNF in each (aside from myself). The first race with this installed was at China, there were 4 DNF and Hamilton had some sort of brake problem through half the race, I overtook him!

    At Bahrain there were 5 DNF's and Maldanado got a drive-through for clipping me at one of the turns, possibly nothing to do with your mod but cool nonetheless.
  16. Spad Harry nice to hear that!

    Actually it all has to do with the mod, or at least Maldonado could be possible because i've adjusted the AI that they try to outbrake you.
    I think I've hit the sweet spot with DNF's, because in 2012 there seems to be an average of 4 DNF's each race.

    I'd like to hear more of your results, (especially Vettel and Raikonnen's results and DNF's) and what race length you use.
    I'm open for requests so we are able to drive the ultimate races!
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  17. :thumbsup: Okay I tested and 75% distance is correct when 100% race distance is selected. The download is now the F1 logo?! :O_o:

    DNF's are very good actually, a nice balance. The AI are outbraking more now also.

    Great mod!
  18. Thanks buddy. :thumbsup:
  19. No problem. Results from Catalunya...


    I drive 100% races/Intermediate difficulty. It should be noted that Kobayashi in the above race had mechanical problems but still managed to finish as he was near the back from about lap 10 onwards. There may also be a problem with Hamilton. I think that's the 3rd race in a row he failed to finish.
  20. this mod is working a dream, but is there a way to change the number of stops by race? I have changed the tyre wear rate in track model but that changes my wear to a one stopper but not the AI.

    Is there a way to change the AI tyre wear by race?