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F1 2012 MOD with car,new textures,tires etc...

Discussion in 'F1 2011 Mods' started by Daniel Alexandru, Sep 13, 2012.

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  1. Hello all players!!! Tommorow will relase a new mod for F1 2011 with some parts of F1 2012 DEMO.Stay alert for more informations...;):)
    <removed - 2012 game content doesn't belong to the 2011 game and could cause legal trouble>
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  2. ok. here in germany is in 4 hours "tomorrow":D. so i'm still waiting !!!!!!!!!!:thumbsup:
  3. files that are left to see the gloves and helmet?
  4. Cant wait, dude. :redface:
  5. where is better to upload.It have 10 parts
  6. i don't think it will work properly, this is the bugs that i encountered trying to transfer cars from 2012 demo, wrong Mirror positions, no damage to the wheels, wheels don't fall off, low tex blurry liveries, helmets textures all wrong.... did you able to fix any of this..? what parts of 2012 demo you be in the mod?
  7. wait and see man wait and see!!!!
  8. hope its gona be good then, keep working on it
  9. i will make a update in next days with damage,drivers loading suits and paddock.
  10. if you have any problems i will fix him
  11. seeed guys!
  12. Hy! The sound from 2012 demo works on F1 2011!!!
  13. how you do it ?
  14. please seed :(
  15. cant wait :D
  16. RAP


    Please Upload just the sounds...
    Its fine to me..
  17. downloading...
    you sholud compress it with 7zip or something its really big
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  18. Will you please seed i can't download without yours help guys!! :D
  19. seeder is not online, he's probably sleeping xD, you should leave the computer online and seed
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