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Misc F1 2012 Mod Pack Special 1.0

Tires, worn, weather, cams split screen of the mod 2014

  1. vlasovas submitted a new resource:

    F1 2012 Mod Pack Special - Tires, worn, weather, cams split screen of the mod 2014

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  2. agnus rock silva

    agnus rock silva
    @ Simberia @Simberia

    man,i like so much val

    eu tenho estilo duro e não curto ficar vendo sair fumaça dos pneus em toda curva no replay,qual textura eu retiro para usar o restante do mod ?

    I have hard style and not short stay seeing smoke coming out of the tires on every bend in the replay, which texture I retreat to use the rest of the mod ?
  3. you can use the old mod, (storm) was only changed the smoke in special and if you want you can use the drops of the new mod, just not the part spray, because that's where the smoke
  4. i have 1 question how to put this on game i have download it but dont know what and where to put
  5. has four folders, each is a mod, Cameras, Storm (weather), tires, and the visors

    you can install with Ryder Mod manager, or extract the parts manually, following instructions, the more complex is the storm, see the instructions in the original posts of the storm mod that you understand, 2012, 2013 or 2014
  6. Hey, I have all the other stuff working, and I usually don't have problems getting mod to work properly. Though, this Visor mod, I have no idea what to do. I couldn't find anything over the forums on this website either, and the download didn't come with a README so I just decided to come it, and ask you how do I get the Visor to work? I apologies if it's an annoying question, mate.
  7. 1 - only works on the original game with patch 12
    2 - Using the Ryder Mod manager to install is less complicated, goes all automated.
    3 - in the case of extraction use the rar below only extract in the game folder, all that is contained in the rar is the mod also
  8. Thanks man, appreciate it!
  9. i didnt make back up folders i wonna change cockpit camera to default.. but i cant find it on internet to download it... can you please do it... or i need to reinstall the game???
  10. friend at the moment I do not have 2012 installed, but if yours is steam, you can verify the integrity of files and recover the original files
  11. its not steam.. i would reinstall it but i am at season 4 and dont wonna play from start where is savegame??
  12. version not steam I do not know where it is, try to see some mod cameras, where he was placed back up, it sure has some so, if I have time this weekend, I install my game, and send to you
  13. Okay, I'm having a problem getting Ryder Manager Mod to work, I have no idea what to click at all, and the tutorials that are available aren't that much of a help either. Can anyone offer some assistance, just trying to get this Visor thing to work.. it's very complicated.
  14. visors :
    For the rest, the weekend I'll reinstall f1 2012 and make a tutorial