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f1 2012 fps drop aftr cleaning up RAM...plz help

Discussion in 'F1 2012 - The Game' started by deepanshu, Dec 28, 2012.

  1. hello...i opened my cpu to clean up my ram and then restrted the pc...on strtin f1 2012 and runnin the benchmark test..found tat avg fps has dropped frm 37 to 23...plz help..lots of stuttrin..game unplayable
  2. You opened the CPU to clean the RAM.....? Seems Legit.
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  3. You should do the same process again.Remove graphic card,memory cards, disconnect all power cables and connect them again.Check if everything is firmly in place.
  4. yup removwd all th power cables, RAM and fitted them bak again..didnt touch the graphics card thou...fps went up to 36 but thn dropped to 14...no idea wat 2 do
  5. How much RAM you have installed? is it properly recognized? In the end, try veryfying the game from steam.
  6. Maybe your CPU is overheating now. Take a look at some monitoring programs. If it is - you should put new thermal paste on. Actually you should always put new thermal paste when removing the CPU because it gets mixed with air which is bad.
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  7. Why did you open up your CPU? The CPU can stay in situ when you remove RAM and again why remove any of it? A quick blast of compressed air does the job.
  8. kelaroost

    @ Simberia @Simberia

    You have turned of the dual channel platform and you need to turn it back on in the bios is what I think is wrong.
    Your only getting single speed from each memory and need to make them run in synk.
    Make sure they go into slot 1 and 3 or 2 and 4.
    Do not fit them in 1 and 2
    Just make sure there is a gap with a empty memory slot between your memory strips.
    And get into your bios and make sure its running in duel.

    You might of reset your cmos aswell so make sure the fsp multiplier and voltage is set right on the cpu.
    (I might be wrong)
  9. i have 3 GB ram and the system infrmation shows me itz being dtected..verified the game..no chnge
  10. last eve i had paused the game for a while..when i pressed continue nothin happnd..infact nothin was workin on my pc...so shut it down from the ups..wen i tried 2 restart it..the monitor didnt turn on..remebred tat ths usually occured on my pc wen thr was dirt on the ram..so opened 2 clean it up...and aftr tat the monitor turned ON but ths new headache of low fps arrived
  11. watz happenin currently is wen i start th game..it runs at arnd 40 fps fr 1 lap then fps drops drastically to arnd 15
  12. PM:)
  13. Not being rude here, but I find it hard to read your writing, Is English not your native tongue?

    As for your FPS drop, I can only assume your CPU is throttled somehow. Give your PC a good clean and reseat your CPU with thermal paste and test your ram with memtest.
  14. Well, you should definitely try what I've written. >>

    Your FPS drops because your CPU is overheating. So to cool down, it underclocks itself. Lowers voltage. And your game starts lagging. Just buy a thermal paste. It doesn't need to be a good one, just so you can work on this computer normally. And also - you shouldn't use the PC without a thermal paste. 1st) it's overheating which is killing it 2) it might stuck to the cooler.. And you won't be able to separate 'em anymore.. Which is... bad... :D
  15. hey guys am sorry for a mistake...i mistakenly wrote opened up the CPU but i actually meant opened my cabinet..well xcept the thermal paste solution i have tried everything..but nothin seems to work
  16. Ahh Now we understand. Typing in text speak is never a great idea on a forum. ;)

  17. Oh, well that changes everything. I don't know then. You've updated any drivers or something? Did you try removing everything new to see if you'll get your old result?
  18. thanx kristian..ur suggestion of cpu overheating allowed me to zero in on the problem...gave the cpu a thorough cleanin as it was covered with dust...and this time surprisingly the game has started running fine as before with fps back to 40....still would like to know ur thoughts on wat was causing the fps drop..does dirt on cpu affect fps?...
  19. Dust on the radiators => worse heat exchange => CPU overheating => internal mechanisms preventing total meltdown kick in => CPU lowers the clock frequency to reduce heat generation => CPU is slower => the GPU has to wait for the CPU to catch up => less frames are displayed on the monitor every second. It's as simple as that.
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  20. Yeah, ENDR says it all. When your CPU is overheating it automatically reduces it's clock (GHz goes lower.) With lower clock, the game runs slower. It's as simple as that. :)

    Depending on the CPU, you should clean it from time to time. Don't always take it off. I'd suggest almost never take it off. If you do take it off - you have to apply new thermal paste. And that would be insane as you can still use the one you have. What I'm doing is get the whole PC to the balcony or garden or whatever you have. Just not in home. Get one hairdryer and just blow wind at the CPU. The dust will go out. You'll need to do it like 5-6 times before it's completely removed. This way you don't have to take off your fan and re-apply thermal paste. Before getting my hydro cooler I was doing this every week for an i7 as it was getting lots LOTS of dust in no time. You should check on it, you might have to do it 1 time a month or even less. Also you should change your thermal paste after 3 to 6 months. As from the heat it burns with time and you're left without thermal paste after time. Altho you'll have to wait over an year so the whole thermal paste to disappear. :D

    And I'm glad I could help. :)
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