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Skins f1 2012 flat-nosed mercedes v1.3

mercedes on marussia chassis

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  1. Graham Laing

    Graham Laing
    ...... mostly harmless Staff Member

    I added your image so others can immediately see the mod :)
  2. nice steering :roflmao::laugh:
  3. i know this screenshot was made before i put the marussia wheel back on
  4. Nice work. Ive got a suggest: Could you make a Mclaren with this chasis and adding the Mclaren wheel ? would be great..
  5. i will make it for you as soon as i can, currently working on a mclaren based sauber, i will finish that first and then i will start on your suggest, must it be 2012 or 2013 car?
  6. 2013 would be fantastic. and would it be possible to keep the mclaren wheel ? that would be very important to me and also fantastic...
  7. ok 2013, only need to find out how i can get the numbers right and the steering wheel at the right position, but i will do my best
  8. than you much thank you very much
  9. Can I ask for maybe a metallic version? I understand if this is too advanced, I have no idea what goes into modelling these cars but I would appreciate it, its the only thing thats bugging me. Thanks dude, amazing mod; Been waiting for a flat nose mercedes for a long time.
  10. first, thanks you like it, second, i think it's possible getting it metallic, just changing the speccoc file, i only have to find out which color is metallic
  11. White.
  12. k thanks
  13. testing it now if it's good it will be online in no time
  14. hows it going with the mclaren ?
  15. i'm first finishing my sauber, that just need a couple hours, then i will start on the mclaren but on friday i'm going on holiday for 3 weeks so it whil take a while before it's finished, but my pc is broken so i can't work on anything know
  16. How you skin a cars?
    sorry,bad english
  17. you get the texture folders out of the main_livery file with pssg editor, open the file in photoshop and overpaint it
    but for really good advice ask ML2166. he's one of the pro skinners around here