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F1 2012 Enhanced Image IQ

Discussion in 'F1 2012 Mods' started by Roberto Costa, Oct 9, 2012.

  1. F1 2012 Enhanced Image Quality V2

    This mod adds some effects on F1 2012 image to make it look better.

    I have not created the FXAA injector it was created by TIMOTHY LOTTES, i only used it in F1 2012 and made 2 profiles for personal use, but i decided to upload to RD because i really liked it.

    I was trying to apply the ENB effects to make F1 2012 better but i wasn't able due to directx restrictions so i searched a lot and didn't found anything. After some tries i decided to use the FXAA Post Process Injector.
    The FXAA PPI enables you to apply some "filters" like sepia and also add some AA to the game.
    You may think, thats weird im not getting it! lol. But please take a look at the images and see for yourself.

    I haven't added any ultra different effects, i tried to keep the game image original as possible but at the same time making it look better.
    The best part? It has little to NO FPS LOSS.
    Im using it and i haven't lost performance, FPS is the same as before.
    And it WORKS with the game's built in Anti Aliasing.

    EDIT 10/10/12 - Added a new profile, Soft profile, the last images.

    Here it is the two profiles: Vivid and Sun (stupid names, yeah i know).

    Images? Here they are:

    (Take a look at the track/kerbs/trees/carbon fiber parts - Full image size to see the difference, as i said, i tried to made them look like the F1 2012 original image, only better ;) )

    Vivid Profile (the one i use, the better one IMHO):



    Sun Profile:



    Soft Profile:


    You can use one of these profiles but if you don't like any of them you still can change the image as you like.
    Just open the file injFX_Settings.h and change the options as you like it (instructions inside), also, you don't need to quit the game to see your changes, just alt+tab edit the file, save it, back to the game, simple.

    You can press the keyboard key Pause/Break to change it on/off, so you can see the difference.

    Installation: You just need to select the one you liked, Vivid or Sun, and then place the files on the F1 2012 folder, thats it!!!!

    Do not use this tool while playing on anti cheat enabled servers (may be detected as a cheating measure)!

    *Works good with steam, no warnings, nothing at all.

    Hope you like it!!!

    Download HERE

    EDIT: Now updated to version 2 (Use the same link above).
    Added a new profile, soft profile. Its based on the Vivid profile but removes the sharpening and add some blur, probably now looks more realistic. The image is very similar to the game image just making it softer like adding more Anti-Aliasing.
    The mod comes with images from all the profiles to help you chose the one you like.

    PS: Pictures taken using HD car textures from ML2166, Reddvers track updates and Venom wheels.Pictures taken using 1920x1080 / 8x CSAA / Ultra settings

    Feel free to make your own profile and upload it if you want! :D
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  2. Hello, I would like less complicated, or change a file that another and bye, not I'm clear,
  3. What do you mean? You just need to choose Vivid version or Sun version and then extract the contents of the folder in your f1 2012 folder. You don't need to change anything, only if you want to. Click on the second Lotus image and then click on the first, the cockpits are going to be next to each other, you can see the difference then. :)
  4. I taked a vivid version, remove the sharpening as it doesn't look good, and little less saturation with little more blue filter... perfect
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  5. If looks spectacular, the question is in the game f1 2012 where files are installed?
  6. Any performance loss?
  7. No performance loss for me. but I got some flickering graphics at some places.
    I was looking a some kind of enb or fxaa injector for this game, thanks!
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  8. Tom

    Staff Emeritus Premium

    Looking good, I'll have to give this a shot. :thumbsup:
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  9. To me not a single FPS loss, i tried with AA MSAA/CSAA/QXAA, all working with the fxaa injector with no problems.
  10. In the main directory.
    You just need to put the files of the mod:
    injFX_Shaders - folder
    dxgi.dll - file
    injFX_Settings.h - file
    shader.hlsl - file
    All in the main f1 2012 folder... ex: Steam\steamapps\common\f1 2012 (the folder where f1 2012.exe is at)
  11. Good that you liked it! :D
    I did a lot of tries, used a lot of filters, saturation and sharpening levels but it was hard to find the way i like it lol. After all i liked the sharpening, only bad is that makes the contour very visible, imo much better on track/objects but not so good on cars. Except that it makes the carbon fiber looks more realistic imo.
    Since ENB doesn't work, i guess the fxaa is the best solution for this game. ;)
  12. I just tried this 10 mins ago and liked it a lot with no loss in fps. I used Sun profile.. might try the other one later.
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  13. Good mode I'll try it out :)...On a side note, that Lotus is a VERY sexy car, amazing hahaha.
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  14. Will give this a go since the reviews are so good. Thanks
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  15. Completely agree! The Lotus is awesome!

    I like it even more because it reminds me of this Lotus:

    [​IMG] :thumbsup:
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  16. Updated! :)Added a new profile.
    I just don't know why but the images look a little darker here on the forum, but in my game they don't.
    If you find it too dark, just increase the gamma on the game or "LOWER" it, in the injFX_Settings.h file:

    #define Gamma 1.05 => 1.0 or less: Brighter

    #define Gamma 1.05 => 1.2 or more: Darker
  17. Thank you sir.:thumbsup:
  18. Oooo.. will try the Soft profile soon.. at the moment I am using Sun.

    I think I will like the blurred/softened aliasing.. if I do.. is there a way to combine the qualities of the Sun's colour effect.. with the softer aliasing of Soft profile? Easy to edit in notepad etc?
  19. Hi JonW!

    I haven't tested but it should look good.

    If you want to do it, use the Sun profile "injFX_Settings.h", open with notepad and then change these values:

    float fxaaQualitySubpix = 5.0; // Default: 0.75 Raise to increase amount of blur
    float fxaaQualityEdgeThreshold = 0.0100; // Lower the value for more smoothing
    float fxaaQualityEdgeThresholdMin = 0.0200; // Lower the value for more smoothing

    // Set values to calculate the amount of AA produced blur to consider for the sharpening pass
    #define Average 0.2
    #define CoefBlur 0.15

    // Set values of the sharpening amount
    #define SharpenEdge 0.125
    #define Sharpen_val0 0.085

    These two parts above are the ones used on the Soft profile. Using a higher value on "Average" and "CoefBlur" makes the blur much more visible, using average 0.6 i.e. makes the image much more blurred. The shapen makes that contour, in my opinion makes the scenery overall much better, but the cars looks worst :(
    Just use the same values above and it should look like the blurred version with all other effects of the sun profile. If you want you can change these values while in the game, just alt+tab, change the values and then get back to the game to see the effects, also, the game becomes windowed when you use alt+tab, press alt+enter to get to full screen again so the effects may apply.
    Hope you like it! ;)
  20. Thanks I will try it!