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F1 2012 Drivers View Cam

Discussion in 'F1 2012 Mods' started by Roberto Costa, Dec 14, 2012.

  1. Driver's view Cockpit Cam MOD for F1 2012 (V1.4)

    First the video because images are better than words:

    The Driver's view Cockpit Cam Mod for F1 2012 have this name because this
    cockpit camera mod was based on the helmet's visor of the
    3D model driver in the game.
    Every team's car cockpit camera was done based on the driver's
    seat position to match his view, so there are no cameras at the same position, each one
    was made to match the driver view. You will see that some cars like
    Mercedes and HRT will offer an easier challenge since the
    driver position its very good to the driver (and you, using
    the mod :D), but some cars like Williams will offer a bigger
    challenge due to the driver position and the mirror's location.
    It was made that way to give the best immersion as possible,
    its not a mod to benefit you in any way, it was made to put
    you in the same view of the current teams driver.
    Now with 8 different choices of cockpit cameras. (v1.4)
    Camera choices
    Default - Cameras in the driver position, default FOV, camera motion, look to apex, braking, accelerating (the video below)
    Body M - Cameras in the driver position, all movements plus body movements, to make the motion based on suspension and crashes, FOV increased a little bit, side looking reduced (See video above)
    High Cam - Same as the other cams but in a higher position for a better view of the car surrounding, still different for each car
    "look back" choices:
    1 - Driver Cockpit Cam - In front of the driver, still
    gives you a good view of the sides of the car.
    (See preview image)
    2 - Car Top Cockpit Cam - Place above the car to give you
    a good view of the car sides and also the car's back.
    (See preview image)
    Head movements
    Movements for acceleration, braking and apex looking. All
    movements are not overdone and make driving inside the
    cockpit a great experience.
    Movements made by Kelaroost.
    I added some body movements on V1.4, makes some difference to all movements, and gives camera effects on bumps and crashes - Only on Optional BodyM cameras
    Here you can see a video of the cockpit-camera (default):
    Video doesn't show the "look back views" because it was
    recorded before the cameras were made.
    Also, if you like immersion then i strongly recommend you
    to try the Visor View mod made by Kenken
    (Thanks for the awesome mod)
    Also thanks for Ryder for making all these mods possible
    UPDATE V1.4:
    Added new BodyM cameras with body motion to give the effects like the car suspension
    Made minor adjustments to the cameras position on some cars
    UPDATE V1.3:
    Added a new choice of cameras with a higher camera position.
    Camera made based on the driver position on as you can see below:



    Look Back views:

    Driver's look back (default)


    Car's Top Look Back (default)



    File link fixed, thank you Dave! Its on RD now guys, enjoy!​
    Or Download version 1.4 HERE (Media fire link - thanks Remy!!)​

    Mods recommended to use with the cam for more immersion:
    Visor View MOD (by Kenken):
    Visor Team Textures For Visormod (by Thimoty Decrans)

    You can also find more Visor textures made by Tommi-TAG, Thimothy Decrans, Rini Braat, Carl Hughes and T46D (Sorry if i forgot someone) here on Racedepartment.
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  2. Can one of the Mods merge the threads please.
    I tried to update the file, but always receiving "wrong page" message.
    Tried to upload with the same name of the other thread, but clearly haven't worked :redface:
  3. Thank you very much Roberto. Is there a way to raise the height of the view? A little higher than yours but a little less than default. Kind of a middle ground?
  4. I love this rear view :roflmao:


    Great job!

    This mod include movements in the other cameras? or only in the cockpit camera? :geek:
  5. Thanks!!!!
    You mean the look back view or the cockpit view? Hm....actually, im don't plan to do it (for the cockpit view) because if i make them higher i think it won't be in the same position of the 3D model driver view.
    But, if you want, its actually very easy.
    The files of the mod are not in binary, so you can just open with notepad and do a little change.

    Find this line:
    <View type="Head" ident="head-cam" reverseCamera="head-cam_reverse" hidden="false" spectator="false" useInSplitScreen="false"

    Then change this:

    <Parameter name="position" type="vector3" x="0.0000" y="0.6420" z="-0.0820" />

    X = left/right
    Y = up/down
    Z = front/back

    If you change the y=0.6420 to 0.6500 it will be higher.
    This values above were taken from Caterham.

    Do you think its too low based on the 3D view of the driver? (the 3d model driver in game i mean).
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  6. Thanks man!!!

    Good question! :roflmao:
    I don't know, but i think there's no movement for the other views. I only pay attention while im using the cockpit camera, so i haven't really noticed movements on other cameras :roflmao:
    Anyway, i think there's no movements, i believe its default. Cannot say for sure because i used Kelaroost cockpit cameras as base of the mod, and not default cameras of the game. It was easier to add his camera movements making it this way. ;)
  7. :roflmao: i donwload it, ill check it

    Great job again :thumbsup:
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  8. I meant the cockpit view and oh ok I didnt realize it was that easy thank you very much Roberto :thumbsup: Will adjusting that mess with the head movements?
  9. Yeah, cockpit i really don't plan to move just because my intention was to base on the model of the driver in the game, if i make them higher, i need to release a new mod then :roflmao:
    Its just that line i told you. The original cams are a little more troublesome because you need to convert it, but i haven't converted then to binary, this way you can change it easily ;)
    Try some different cars to see the difference. Mercedes or HRT, you'll see how its easy to see the track, while some cars like Williams and Ferrari are much harder due to the driver's position. I haven't really touched the movements, i just used the ones Kelaroost made, but what do you think it needs to be changed?
    I may try to see if i can make nice movements, or if i will just destroy the mod :roflmao::roflmao:
  10. I love the mod but I was just wanting to move head position up just barely for perdonal use. I didn't mean to change your mod at all. I guess what I said came out the wrong way. My apologies
  11. No problem.
    Guess i haven't really got what you mean. You were talking about the driver position right? I thought you were talking about the movements like speed up, brakes, apexes. I haven't touched this values because to me they look good, but its good to know other people opinions about it so i can decide if i'll change something or don't ;)
  12. I'll see abou that!
    Maybe i'll increase the height of the cameras and add them as optional.
    Lets say, an easier mode :D
    I'll see if i can add this today :thumbsup:
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  13. 1.2 - 1.3

    Update 1.3

    Added &quot;high cam&quot; (option) for all cars, trying to keep the aspect but now positioned a little higher than before.
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  14. Done!

    See if you like it :D
    Added an optional cam now, higher position for all cars .:thumbsup:
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  15. Thank you very much Roberto! Awesome job as always!
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  16. Thanks!!
    Hope you like it.
    Now im messing with the movement values, let's see if i can do something good, or just bad! :roflmao:
  17. Roberto Costa I dont think you could do bad. I know that any work that any modder does I for one am very appreciative of
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  18. Better a litle higher, its difficult to me to drive :roflmao: great update!!!
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  19. Thanks for the update, Roberto.
    "High Cam - DriverCockpitCam" is my favorite.
    And especially, Look to Apex head movement speed is very well adjusted and very nice to drive :) !
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