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F1 2012 Drivers View Cam

Discussion in 'F1 2012 Mods' started by Roberto Costa, Dec 5, 2012.

  1. Drivers view MOD for F12012


    Since i really hate the default cockpit camera and i really like more immersion, i decided to look for some camera mods.

    Found the best one made by Kelaroost, best head movements i saw, effects were not overdone, best one for sure imo.
    The only thing is that the driver position isnt where i wanted so i decided to change it for personal use but since some people saw the camera on a video and made a request
    then i did for all cars and here it is.
    Its not an "easy view" for all cars, what i tried is to make something closer to
    real life, so may not be the easiest way to drive, anyway, guess more hardcore players and player who want more immersion will enjoy it :thumbsup:
    PS: Works with OSD on if you want, no changes on the OSD.

    Kelaroost thank you for letting me use your head movements
    and the look back camera

    Also, if you like immersion then i strongly recommend you
    to try the Visor View mod made by Kenken
    (Thanks for the awesome mod)
    Also thanks for Ryder for making all this mods possible

    Adjusted for all cars
    Installation instructions on the Readme-DViewMOD.txt

    PS: Camera mods works when playing online with no problems

    Mods recommended to use with the cam for more immersion:
    Visor View MOD (by Kenken):
    Visor texture with PSD file (by Rini and T46D):




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  2. Thank you very much. Great job
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  3. Keith Dixon

    Keith Dixon

    Any pics Roberto?
  4. I'll upload now. But anyway, just edited the post with the video now :p
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  5. Thanks man! Hope you like it, i tried to make them closest as possible to the driver helmet visor.
  6. Well you did an incredible job. They look spot on
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  7. Glad you liked!
    Theres probably a way to make it 100% correct by using some pictures and some math, but that would be too much for me. But i tried to base the view on the car chassis, where the chassi at the side of the drivers head start to go up, and also the mirrors. Noticed that some cars have a better view for the driver like Mercedes and HRT, while some others don't, like Ferrari :(
  8. Nice, but the interior of the helmet doesn't actually block the view that much.
  9. I still think you did an incredible job and the view is soley based on how the car itself is designed. Nothing you can do there
  10. You mean the screen space the helmet "takes" ?
    If so, you can change the helmet visor, T46D made a PSD file for it, it will be easier to change that way. I haven't included it here since the mod isn't mine.
    My focus was just on the position, tried to focus the right point of the drivers helmet visor (based on the driver model inside the car). :)
  11. dude is fantastic camera work more like the actual vision of the pilot.
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  12. 1 thumbs down on my video... Looks like it was a bad idea to send the video link to Steve Hood.
    Well, at least i think he knows what we want, a helmet view :roflmao:
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  13. Thimoty Decrans

    My Mod is really waiting for your mod!!!! :thumbsup:

    Im talking about, your helmet visor:


    Can't wait to use it! :D
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  15. He have not released the mod yet. But i believe when he finishes it he will release.
    Guess much more people is looking forward to it :D

  16. ok
  17. ThankX Roberto. Great job! I just tried the Ferrari one in Hockenheim and I'm going to keep it now. Getting used to this new, more realistic height will make my INTERMEDIATE level a little more difficult (which is a good thing!). :cool:
  18. He Roberto I Checkt Your Cockpit Cam and Like them But The Real View Hight Is y="0.6600"

    Check The Pics

    The Back View Is The Same Hight


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  19. Hi Rini, wow, looks nice using this values.
    I haven't really changed the cockpit camera rear view. Its actually the cameras Kelaroost made some time ago, i liked the effects, look to apex and the others because they aren't so strong, i just adjusted the camera position to match the driver model position. The rear view cam is actually the same Kelaroost made, but looking to the pics you posted, i may change the cams, looks nice!! ;)
  20. I have to say this mod has brought a new challenge to the game in my opinion. I tried it out with the Red Bull last night along with the visor view mod from Kenken and its like a whole new game:thumbsup:
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