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F1 2012 Demo Gameplay Review

Discussion in 'F1 2012 - The Game' started by Bram, Sep 12, 2012.

  1. Bram

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  2. Cool video.
    The game looks kinda worse than the previous iteration? Could be just me, or just the demo.

    I might pick one of these up on Steam, if they get around the 5€ mark :D. Just for single player; peer to peer multiplayer experience isn't for me.
    I miss Grand Prix 3 :(
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  3. I've found that it's a lot easier to drive without any assists on this than in 2011 on the controller. I've jumped between the demo and F1 2011 and found that the 2012 cars are easier to drive but a lot slower, though that could be a set up thing.
  4. Downloaded the demo to my Xbox yesterday. Apart from the interface and car models, it doesn't seem a whole lot different to me. But then I've only recently started playing F1 2011, so I'm no expert in any sense of the word. Found it amusing to have a soaking wet track in Abu Dhabi, yet a cloudless sky...
  5. It can't be that much different anyway, it's on a a yearly cycle. Update liveries, try to improve something, don't mess something else up, sell for 50€, repeat in 12 months.
  6. I tried it out - and i find it just ugly.

    Worse physics, worse sounds, bad colors and the Codemasters-famous yellow-grey-dust everywhere, no real F1-TV elements.

    I prefer modded rFactor with F1RS2011, RFT Trackpack and ENB. Its the best F1-Feeling you can have BY FAR!
  7. Omer Said

    Omer Said
    Weresloth Staff

    Nothing to say against graphics and sounds in my opinion. But from the reviews, there seems to be a very little addition. I hope this won't be repeated with 2014 :(
  8. Well i heard that the demo is months old and it was still in building stage according to CM's Steve so im sure it will look alot better in the game
  9. Could you please explain to me how did you know rF had the best F1 feeling? Have you driven a real F1 car?
    It's always better to praise the game you like instead of badmouth the game you don't. Go play rF cause I don't think it's mandatory to play F1 2012. At least nobody told me it was.

    For now I really like the game and it's a big improvement from 2011. Considering this is a very early build the actual game will be a lot better.
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  10. So they didn't even care to make a polished demo, but the full game will be much better.

    "I want to believe"
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  11. great game!!!!the best sim that you can play...i find improvements everywhere!!thank you Codemasters :) :) :) :)
  12. lol you really wanna review? console review? come on you can do better RD, dont spoil it, or ruin it, this demo was alright, the bumps on the main straight @ monza really made it slightly hard to control when trying to break ito the first chicane....curva grande was also amazingly bumping.

    and once again, people fail to grasp the amazing concept that is so obviously put in your very own eyes. this is a GAME, not a SIMULATOR, BIG difference:cautious:"duh" , all the troll comments above, please, stick to your "sims", oh wait might as well be a game also, cause I find myself driving really fast in REAL life and my steering wheel is actually more expensive than yourr wheel and pedals....and my resolution is not limited to 1080p or IPS resolutions...but muc better without the jaggies and prost process..

    you want a simulator, go start karting and work your way up and stop right to the point in your racing career where u can ask the team if you can play with their simulator:mad: .... good lord rfactor kids.

    anyways, I already got an Xbox and PC copy...
  13. what part of DEMO dont you understand. It doesnt have to be polish, A demo can mean alpha stages, beta stages, pre release stages....again... go grab the concept of demo.

    plenty of demos dont have its full graphical and gameplay features, they just want to you to have a small tease taste of what is coming..

    in the end you can only judge a game given it at least a week of playing it. not just 5 minutes or an hour as in plenty of people see it that way. :thumbsdown:
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  14. wow wow wow Diego. Now you are bitching even more than those who talks **** about the demo. and for your info, Demo means "demonstration" and if you don't have the real product, how can you demontrate it ? CM should have done the demo out of the finished product, as every demo should (sadly its rarely the case)
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  15. i don't like the handling of the car in demo, the graphics is much worse than f1 2011, washed out, f1 2011 have much more natural and better colors and tone, i really hope the final product will be better
  16. Are you BLIND?! F1 2011 had the worst graphics of CM's F1 series so far! It was like I'm watching Cartoon Network! Exactly the colors were the problem. They just render it in a stupid way and they look stupid. F1 2011 looks a LOT better.

    Handling is better too. You don't corner with 100000 km/h, but the straight line speed is way too big now... =/ But anyways, it's an improvement..

    Браво!!! Браво!! Единственият човек, който го гледа по правилният начин си ти! И то си Българин! Браво!! Евала!! Не очаквах, че Българин ще го гледа като мен.
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  17. Tom

    Staff Emeritus Premium

    Uhm...English, please? :)
  18. lol

    Anyways thumbs up if you wish you can make 1 tyre stop actually work now :p :thumbsup:
  19. Good points Diego. If you take it for what it is - a game - it's pretty damn good.

    Saying it's not a good sim is like saying Elton John is not a good female.
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