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F1 2012 Demo First Impressions [Xbox 360]

Discussion in 'F1 2012 - The Game' started by pasta815tim, Sep 11, 2012.

  1. So I've downloaded F1 2012 demo on my Xbox, since it isn't out on steam quite yet. Normally I play my F1 games on pc, but since it is out on Xbox first I figured that I'd give it a try.

    I. I play with a controller, and it is almost unplayable. The analog stick is too twitchy. And there seems to be a lag in the controller or some sort. In challenge mode, at Monza, one slight movement of the stick moves my car from the very left of the racing lane all the way to the right and off the grass. I understand that this is more realistic, but it cmbecomes unplayable on the controller. it will probably be quite fun on the wheel though. Maybe this is just the Xbox version, so I'm gonna wait and see it on the pc.

    II. Graphics. Definite improvement over last year, but not significant. but I never expected CM to do too much graphics work on, so I would say that this was job well done.

    III. Sound. I can hear low growling piston noise at low revs, that's good. I also like the start up revving when the game loads up. definite improvement over last year, job well done.

    This is just a rough impression of the game cuz I can barely get through a lap with a controller. I am waiting for the pc version, will post update later on. CM must fix the controller sensitivity, because it is unplayable with a controller, which consists of 70-90 percent of the players.
  2. If it's uncontrollable with the major control device of it's platform, then the game is botched.
    F1 cars can snap across a track as they have tonnes of dforce at higher speeds.
  3. I think the game is now actually decent to be honest... Still not a simulation, but pretty darn good !
    Using the MS Wheel on XBox

    Steering: Linearity to 25% and all twitchiness gone (You need to actually adjust the controls before making a final judgement, guys...), steering is fairly precise and you can feel the tyres losing the grip if you turn too much, FFB still not quite good enough but sufficent...

    Brakes: Tricky part... I put the brake bias to the rear and it's a lot better, I can brake at least as late as A.I. with proper downshifts, but it's tough to feel anything... Especially with the crappy pedals !

    A.I.: Fairly good, they defend, leave space and attempt overtakes now. Still a bit too slow, at Monza anyway (I was 1 second faster with the Williams in qualy without a perfect lap and over 1.5/2 seconds faster in the race...)

    Graphics: Not really important for me, good enough although I would have liked actual working mirrors ! FOV seems better than last game aswell. (Lower)

    All in all, pretty good, still not perfect but pretty good.
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  4. I am using a Xbox wireless controller, not a wheel. I don't think u can adjust linearity for that. Yeah its more realistic that the analog is twitchy, but it becomes unplayable. there has to be a balance or some type of steering method.
  5. Played the demo on Xbox for the first time, I like the graphics. I hope the PS3 version is as good, as that is what I'll be playing it on. The best thing about the demo version is the autobox with manual overide, brilliant I've been wishing for this feature on F1 and racing games and it's always bugged me that no one does it. (as far as I'm aware)

    I use the DFGT and the paddles are uncomfortable to use, so I end up using auto, but I find myself trying to change gear still, where the autobox hasn't quite selected the gear I would. This feature works perfectly, I surprised no one has commented or Codemaster's didn't make a point of talking about it like they have gone on about every other feature there have included.

    I did find it very difficult with the controller, I'm feel better after reading posts as I thought it was just me because I'm used to the wheel. I cannot compare the controller to last year so it will be interesting to see if people think it's improved.

    The audio sounds better than 2011 to me, not so high pitched as last year which is easier on the ear on my opinion.
    It's difficult to compare the physics until I play with the wheel, but the rear end seems better this year.

    I will DL the PS3 demo tomorrow and hope CM haven't botched it like last year, I have high hopes as CM must be confident to release a demo version first.

    I eagerly await the posts from the PC guys today.
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  6. I just spent a bit more time on the demo just now, since the demo isn't out on Steam yet -.-
    I've realized a few more improvements that many of u might not have picked up.
    1. Speed changes the amount of downforce. Going through the third highspeed corner in Abu Dhabi, I find that the amount of grip increases as my speed goes up. That's pretty cool considering that they really have "up the ante" on the physics engine. After breaking I find it really hard to turn in, whereas on highspeed corners it is extremely easy, this difference between mechanical grip and downforce is a great attention to detail.

    2. Precision driving is much better now with a controller, I do not need to turn ahead of a corner like I used to in F1 2011. HOWEVER, it is still twitchy. I find that when i try to accelerate out of a corner, I think the game engine smoothes out my analog input. In English, it means that the engine tries to make sure that my wheel movements aren't twitchy. That's good, but there is a CON: Input lag. The 2nd time I tried out the demo, I tried my wired Xbox controller instead of my wireless ones. The twitchiness and lag improves a little, but it is still difficult to drive. I am not talking about the kind of graphics lag, I am talking about input lag. I am not talking about having to turn ahead of the corner like in F1 2011. It seems that when i turn, the game responds like .5 a second later. It seems that as the engine tries to correct my input (almost like a driving aid), the output time is drastically increased. I may be wrong, but this is just what I think is going wrong here. CM did mention that they are trying new things to make sure that the experience on controllers are not as "twitchy" as before, maybe the correction is only making it worst, that's just what I think.

    3. Wet driving, very poor simulation. The "wet test" run in the YDT needs work. First, it is NOT raining, the ground is only wet. Now, if the ground is wet, tehre is no need for full wets, so why are full wets on the car? Second, if the ground is SUPER wet, then the lap times would be much slower, like they will be in real life due to aquaplaning etc. But this isn't the case. Same as F1 2011, grip during wet weather is just too great compared to real life. I find myself only 4-5 seconds slower during wet weather, maybe that's just me, this is just my opinion.

    More updates coming.
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  7. I've recently downloaded the demo for Xbox360 and PS3, I found the game to be really easy on the Xbox controller with all the assists off, on hard. One race I started 16th and won! However on the PS3 I used the Logitech G27 (on hard, no assists) and I am about a second a lap slower than on the controller. The car understeers massively. I can't see a way to apply power slowly through a corner to maintain speed, it acts like I'm giving it full power and making me understeer into the gravel. It feels like f1 2010 handling on the wheel. I hope it gets sorted before the games release otherwise I may as well sell this wheel and use the controller!
  8. Funny how my experience is completely opposite to yours. I've tried the PC version of F1 2012 now. It feels like the game is limiting my steering on the controller, so i understeer massively into the gravel too. The controller is definitely not twitchy on the PC though.
  9. On second thoughts it might be the ps3 version, the graphics aren't as good as the Xbox AGAIN! I've had little glitches in it also where the car doesn't accelerate properly, or the sound goes funny. I wish I had a way to test the Xbox version with a wheel.
  10. I wish I had a wheel at all. And btw, how much do u wanna bet CM is not gonna fix those bugs until mid-late October.
  11. Or if they even fix them at all!
  12. Good point.
  13. The first thing I noticed was how much better the car is on fast corners. In 2011 the car didn't generate any downforce and the car felt like it was going to tip over through fast turns. It made fast tracks like silverstone horrible to drive
  14. I find the demo grew on me. Hated it at first but as i get used to the handling it seems better. I'm using a wheel as well, and its no good out of the box, you have to make changes.
    As to wet track at Abu Dhabi, it rarely rains there, thus pirelli have soaked the track to simulate conditions. Heard it mentioned in a video somewhere.