F1 2012 DataLogger

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  1. Telemetry data logging tool for F1 2012.

    This program has no data analysis feature.
    You need data viewer(F1PerfView) for analyzing.

    output data format:
    F1PerfView(http://rsdi.home.xs4all.nl/f1perfview.html) 'Generic Perf File'.

    Included experimental program
    1. TrackReporter
    Display throttle, brake and gear position on track map.
    2. In-Game OSD
    In-game speedometer.
    1.2 fixed: F1_2012DataLogger.exe doesn't work on Vista.
    1.1 fixed: In-Game OSD doesn't work
    1.0 initial release.

    F1 2012 DataLogger
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  2. I don't know why this thread is created. I just uploaded new version.
  3. Graham Laing

    ...... mostly harmless

    I'll lock this for now, and see if I can get a superduper moderator to sort it out :)
  4. Tom

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    Actually, we can't. Please always update the file you posted (i.e. version 1) since it'll always automatically create a new thread when a new file is being added, that's it. We can't merge them without causing issues to the downloads database. :)
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