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F1 2012 career mode help

Discussion in 'F1 2012 - The Game' started by AyrtonSenna1994, Dec 21, 2012.

  1. Hi there everyone,
    Currently on career i have arrived at race 5 in Barcelona and am driving for Mercedes. For the first 3 races i had the difficulty on intermediate and won in Australia and Malaysia and got a 2nd place in a wet China. In Bahrain i upped the difficulty to professional and after initially struggling in qualifying i got a decent 3rd on the grid.

    However, in the race, although i managed to grab the lead into the first corner, no matter how hard i pushed i could never keep Alonso or Vettel behind me. I was always defending and never pushing. I lost the lead at the pit stop's and after getting rather irritated slipped down to 6th place and that is where i finished.

    I put it down to 2 things myself. 1 being i am not a great driver at all and 2 the leap from intermediate to professional appears to be to big. I am now asking anyone out there if they can assist me have a good career with Mercedes on professional difficulty and score podium's, a couple more win's maybe and above all to be able to push and attack and not have to defend all the time. If anyone can help me then please do and i will answer any question you throw at me :D Thanks everyone!

    Henry Kelsall (alias Ayrtonsenna1994)
  2. You should practice your car. Put in laps after laps in the practice session. Try to perfect your setup or look one up, but maybe it's just Bahrain, maybe it's not your strongest circuit. I'm also not really good in Bahrain
  3. You can also try this mod: http://www.racedepartment.com/forum/threads/semi-pro-mod.60776/
    It's supposed to increase the difficulty of Intermediate, so that it's somewhere in the middle between the original and Professional.

    But if you ask me, finishing 6th in a Mercedes is perfectly realistic, so if you're able to keep getting that many points and outracing your teammate, then you should get a seat offer from one of the 3 top teams, so that you can challenge Alonso and Vettel on equal terms. OR you can stay with Mercedes - the car should be faster next season.
  4. Cheers, bugger i would try it but i will have to start my career again which after doing that 3 times already i am not prepared to do sadly. Thanks for the help though, if i feel compelled to start again i will try this mod :)
  5. That kind of mod doesn't corrupt your career. I adjust track difficulty on a race-to-race basis myself, and it's never been a problem in my career.

    So, give it a chance! :thumbsup:

    Just disable Steam cloud and backup your saves folder before doing so.
  6. So okay, copy the modded database file and overwrite the original, then disable the steam cloud sync then back up the save folders, am i right?

  7. Ive followed the instructions in the semi-pro mod thread that just say change the track value's and it works :D Thanks for the help folks!
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