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F1 2012 Bug Report Thread

Discussion in 'F1 2012 - The Game' started by FearTheHands, Sep 22, 2012.

  1. As I can't find an "official" one I thought it would be an idea to start a bug report thread for F1 2012.

    I'll kick things off:

    Car is constantly smoking for me even if I have not used flashback.

    Only found at Melbourne so far: if you use flashback more often than not you will reappear in 1st gear even if you are doing 180mph + & were in 7th grear thus instantly blowing your engine.
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  2. The chase cam for me is upside down...
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  3. We can't change the setting after the qualify althoughit is raining and race day is dry , or vice versa
    I don't think this is one of the feature of the game
  4. - Game freeze few seconds after an flashback
    - Reverse camera after an flashback
    - Bug with tires when it rain
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  5. If you use a setup in quali. set a quali time, end the session, and then go to the main menu, or turn off the game you will lose your setup when you enter the race. You'll get the default setup, stuck in parc ferme.

    the game will say that a track is wet and recommend (and even put on) inters/wets, but there will be no rain animation anywhere on the track (either on the track surface, or as water falling) and you'll do fine on dries. The sky will be completely blue, not a cloud anywhere.

    Or it might actually be wet, but won't look like it, but you'll get a a bugged version of rain falling on the car, and the track actually behaves as if it is dry.

    -xbox 360 version.
  6. pit stop bug is still ingame

    something weird happened to me in career mode, on Canada GP. Forecast for race 100% rain, every car started on full wet tires, hard rain but there was absolutely no grip. Lap times +30s than normal. After first lap every ai get to pit stop and switched to prime/option tires :unsure: to finally on next lap change them to intermediate.
  7. ya the biggest bug I've found is u can't setup ur car after u run a lap it locks it in and can't be changed!! even if u join a race during qualifying and u go to the race u can't put a setup in I have too use the default one!!! this is a big deal it sucks u can't work on ur car!!!!
  8. i have the same problem with the chase cams which sometimes appear upside down quite funny to see cars racing like that with rain falling up . If i can find a fix i will let you know please do likewise. thanks
  9. If you join qualifying, it should allow you to select your custom setup, but as soon as you actually go out onto the track with that setup, it SHOULD lock. That's parc ferme rules.

    The problem I find is that it does lock my setup correctly during quali. But then if I leave before actually racing, and then come back to it and start the race, it puts the default setup in which is actually a violation of Parc Ferme rules because it's not what I had in quali.