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Misc F1 2012 Abu Dhabi NO BIG MOON in 100% clear dark sky 1.0

Gets rid of big "ball" in dark sky, 100% Abu Dhabi races, clear weather: smaller moonrise untouched.

  1. Salut Gilles submitted a new resource:

    F1 2012 Abu Dhabi NO BIG MOON in 100% clear dark sky - Gets rid of big "ball" in dark sky, 100% Abu Dhabi races, clear weather: leaves smaller moon.

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  2. Going to try this out. I love doing 100% races at Yas Marina because the Atmosphere is simply incredible, my favorite race of the year, and I always thought for a night race it didn't feel awful dark, at least not like Singapore does, but then again completely different venue and not as "out in the open" for example, you're often going under under passes and construction/roads so the sky doesn't always poke through, same with the buildings obscuring it since you're in the heart of the city there. where as in Abu Dhabi you're basically on the water.
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  3. I love playing it 100% at Abu Dhabi also, but in CM's F1 2012, I find the overall lighting is rather dull (except for the hotel, sunset, moonrise, and pitlane tunnel). First of all, after sunset, there are no camera flashes coming from the stands (why remove them from 2011?), and the stands themselves look "dead" (or not very much lively...).

    Singapore has the same problems, while the RL city is all sparkles and shines, the skyscrapers in the game also look "dead" (dunno what's CM devs "problem" with "lighting"), and the street lights are too dimmed.

    As for the next 2013 release, I don't intend to pre-order it from Steam like I did for '11 & '12. I don't trust them (CM) anymore. I'll wait for the first 60%+ weekend special on it (last year was during the Brazilian GP).

    As for this mod, I would have done it before if I wasn't that slow learning (how to make mods) ;) Anyone using these awesome tools from Ryder25 can do it 2.

    Edit: Feedback would be much appreciated (I hope the black square texture will not show up at higher resolutions than mine).
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  4. Chris

    Ted Kravitz Appreciation Society Staff Premium

    Great work!

    By any chance, have you found a way to make the initial sun position lower so it's more of a sunset start to the race?
    Because at the moment, it looks like the race begins at midday.
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  5. Thanks. And sorry for I don't know how to do that. I play in cockpit-cam view (sim-like) with visor mods, and the sunset in clear weather is something extra: I can see the sun through the transparent upper layout of the visor I'm wearing (virtually), something that is impossible to view without the visor mod (screenshot coming up in an hour), but I agree the sunset should begin earlier in the race (another CM flaw I don't like 2). I'll look around to see if this can be modded.

    Edit (screenshots! yes!!:laugh:):

    With visor (first appearance of the sun through visor on lap 14, albeit should be on lap 2 or 3, IMHO), over and between the W and the A:

    Same without the visor mod:

    It gets better as the laps count increases! Thanks to the visor-mod makers here :thumbsup:
    That's one lap later (L15) after the first pitstop. :cool:
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