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F1 2012 (4.0) - Malaysia Full Loop

Discussion in 'rFactor 2 Setups' started by Lukian, Mar 17, 2012.

  1. Hello, i submit my setup for mercedes. struggling only with braking and turn 4 (sequence left right with turn 5)

    my time 1:35.543 which i think should be better but need some tweaks with setup. Driving without assists

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  2. It looks like the cars are too quick with this mod. The 2012 cars should be a fair bit slower than 2011.
  3. well i dont know without assists on f1 2011 codemasters there are 10 seconds faster times, so i am more happy i am making more real times in rfactor2. I dont know how DRS and KERS mounted would help in this lap maybe 2-3 seconds ? But yes accelerating on this mod is a bit odd and i admit it :)

    Edit: new version of setup, found 1.2 secs better so enjoy :)

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  4. I've done a 137.2 so far......does anyone know what the best time is...?
  5. around 1.31.0xx :) my best so far is 1.33.9xx, but now im going to test my times with telemtry from motec
  6. I'm down to 1359....shouldn't be long before I hit 134xx...but getting beyond that could prove tricky.
    What rear spring rate are u using?
  7. arround 90, but i think physics on this mod is a bit retarded, i stiffened hardly springs and telemetry showed me i've got almost the same ride height on rear.. most significant are slow bump and rebound settings. And Tyre temps act weird: rear never warm up,, and front only a slightly
  8. I might stick with the F 3.5 then..
    thx for the set up/s
  9. Well, the Mod is finished only for rf1 and f1ligue wrote that there is an issue with tyre temps so i am hoping after ISI update it will work well :)