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F1 2011 - Worst behaved online drivers: Name & Shame (PC only)

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by yamahadrums2009, Jan 2, 2012.

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  1. I've had a gut full of multiplayer online drivers taking me out. I'm a reasonable guy, I give people space on the track, I don't deliberately ram people (unless they ram on purpose), I back off to avoid accidents, etc...I have in fact climbed the leaderboard by NOT racing anyone and just focusing on career mode development. I can only assume that this is due to the top players being taken out of online races by badly behaved drivers and losing XP points.

    There are some really competitive drivers out there, and then there are some REALLY competitive drivers out there who hate to lose, and will do anything to destroy your own competitiveness. I understand that within reason there can be lag issues that cause accidents, that people make racing mistakes - this is not relevant to this thread. I'm referring to the drivers who go out of their way to make your life hell, who hold grudges for past mistakes you have made against them, and are a constant thorn in your side.

    Please post here in the following format -

    Worst Driver Tag:

    Your Tag:
    Your Current Rank:

    *** Please, if you also have any techniques of avoiding collisions / dealing with these people, post them here too ***
  2. I stuffed up the poll question responses - whoops - meant to add more. Anyone know how to fix?

    Also, I'll get the ball rolling with a Name & Shame...

    Worst Driver Tag: TriGGlety
    Offense/s: Repeat offender, takes every leading driver out in 3 Lap Sprint race by ramming at very high speed in the braking zone, and especially if he has lost the lead. Managed to take me out whilst leading (once again...) in Malaysia on very last lap, last corner. I let him know I was not happy and that he lacked driving talent. He replied with the following message - "Die at Christmas time, you and all your family".

    My Tag: yamahadrums2009
    My Current Rank: 417, Top 2%, Rank 49 / Highest 50
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  3. Hahaha TriGGlety!! aka Stephen Trace.
    He was the first guy I thought of when I saw your thread! Haha. Had lots of incidents with him - unbelievable stuff, so much so he is avoided and if I see him in a lobby I leave straight away.
    I remember even back on 2010, after him trying to ram me off road at Catalunya, he actually pinned my car against the barrier with his - just left his foot on the gas so I couldnt escape. I went off, had a wee, made a cup of tea, came back and he was still at it. He sent some very abusive PMs to me too, I reported him to GFWL live but guess nothing happened about it.

    So yes to 100% agree with OP, avoid TriGGlety
  4. Haha. Glad it's not just me who is suffering...How'd you get his name?
  5. When someone threatens my life, whether it be in person or a stupid PM, I make it my business to find out their name - just for future reference ;)
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  6. 100% Correct

    Every time I raced against this ..... "person" he would not brake for the 1st corner and use other people to do just that. If he wasn't leading a race he would just DC too so his win ratio is always high (which was often with me :p) after about 20 race's of this i got annoyed after he hit me in the chicane before the hairpin at Abu Dabi then I returned the favour and hit him back (btw in this race he just missed me in the 1st corner and hit 2 others that was ahead of me) which then set off his msg's to me along the lines of "c**t pedo die in a fire" etc... to which I replied without aggression and he continued his aggressive tone. Reported him a month or so ago and only just checked, I think he got reset in his stats as it less then what they where before. Avoid at all cost's. I noticed too that a lot of people vote him off in the lobby lol

    My Tag: Sparkypark
    My Current Rank: 277, Top 2%, Rank 50
  7. Threads like this are perfect reasons why leagues and the RD races are the way to go... screw online pickup races...
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  8. Bram

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    Guys we do support online public name and shame threads. It doesnt help, so ill put a lock on this one
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