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F1 2011 VIP Pass Annoyance

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by Bradley Vanian, Dec 20, 2011.

  1. I bought F1 2011 Pre-Owned earlier today and when I got back home I found out there was a VIP Pass along with the Instructions. I entered in the VIP Pass but of course it didn't work as the previous owner of the Pass had used it making it invalid for anyone else.

    I did not know that F1 2011 had a VIP Pass and if I had of known, I wouldn't of bought a Pre-Owned Copy.

    So now I either have to struggle along without online until I can trade back in my Pre Owned Copy and Buy a more expensive new copy or just not bother at all and know I have wasted my money. But the longer and longer it goes before I can get a new copy, the harder and harder it will be to find and buy a new copy.

    Thanks Codemasters. I like it how you let everyone know important information like this.
  2. You can buy the pass from the online marketplace (Xbox, GFWL or PSN, depending on which platform you're on).
  3. I know but I don't like buying stuff which isn't from a shop. That includes Ebay, Amazon or an Online Marketplace.
  4. I understand ebay but the rest not really. It's pretty secure.
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  5. All this time I had no idea CM was jumping on this bandwagon of VIP passes!? I truly hate this practice from video game publishers. CM don't even have any dedicated servers to pay for! When will they learn not to screw their own customers?