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F1 2011 The Game - Dev Diary video reveals co-op mode

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by RaceDepartment, Sep 8, 2011.

  1. RaceDepartment

    Administrator Staff

    Codemasters has today released the third in its series of F1 2011™ Developer Diaries. The video features gameplay footage and reveals the new Co-op Championship mode that allows two players to drive for the same FORMULA ONE™ team in pursuit of the coveted FIA FORMULA ONE CONSTRUCTORS’ WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP.

    Available online, the Co-op Championship mode brings two friends together in the same team as they work together for the Constructors’ crown whilst also competing separately for the Drivers’ Championship title. This brand new feature for F1 2011 gives players a taste of the intense sporting and political rivalry that exists between drivers in FORMULA ONE teams as they balance personal glory and directing the development of the car in their favour with achieving team goals.

    “Now when I look across the garage and see my team mate in there, I am not comparing myself against an AI team mate, I’m comparing myself against someone that I know personally,” said Chief Game Designer Stephen Hood. “I’m interested in who’s got the most points, who’s out-qualified me. It’s about trying to fight to be the leader of a team. It makes for a completely different experience, playing with a friend. It’s now a personal game mode.”

    F1 2011 will challenge players to ‘be the driver, live the life, go compete’, with wide-ranging technical and gameplay advancements on and off track and vastly extended competitive and co-operative multiplayer components. Players will be able to race against 16 players online plus 8 AI cars to simulate a full 24 car grid, team up with a friend or enjoy multiplayer racing from the sofa in split-screen mode.

    F1 2011 will feature all of the official teams, drivers and circuits from the highly anticipated 2011 FIA FORMULA ONE WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP™ including the current FIA FORMULA ONE DRIVERS’ WORLD CHAMPION Sebastian Vettel. The 2011 season also sees the debut of the 2011 FORMULA 1 AIRTEL GRAND PRIX OF INDIA at Delhi’s Buddh International Circuit and the return of the iconic Nürburgring to the calendar.

    F1 2011 launches for the Xbox 360® video game and entertainment system from Microsoft®, PlayStation®3 computer entertainment system and PC Games For Windows®
    on September 23rd.

    Leave your comments below and go much deeper into the game by visiting our F1 2011 The Game forums where the first online club races and high quality leagues have already started to shape up. Innovative new mods and of course our highly recommended setups will be added shortly.

    TV ad is now also unveiled as you can see below:

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  2. Andrew Bortz

    Andrew Bortz

    This cant come soon enough!!
  3. ummm if any1 wants to team up and race on friday nights and weekends hit me up on GFWLadd: r3mxd
  4. David O'Reilly

    David O'Reilly
    A bad quali means I can go forwards in the race.

    Looks like it will be fantastic.Within our League we are making (rougly equal) constructor teams. Some of those teams will use this mode for practice/coaching and data sharing.Our constructor teams will now really be teams. 2 in the same car in the race and developing setups and practicing as a team.
  5. Such a shame that it's CM how have this... IMO Codemasters should give up making games.. If they can't get 1 set of cars and make them 100% sim and arcade and put them on the same track, then they should just give it up.. Other companies makes 100+ Cars with 100+ physics.. So why can't CM have 1 car with 2 physics.. Not to hard it is for a company like that.. Sorry but CM Suck.
  6. well said.
  7. Well Said
  8. Indeed 24 different cars...
    Not 1.

    All cars are different.
    Every single one of those cars got their own tweaks.
    The physics are good. Not perfect but good.

    Try making one yourself, you'll see how hard it is.
    I've tried and it took me 1 week to model a low poly car.
    Ofcourse you'll probably won't know what that means, hearing what you say here.
  9. pitstop bug anyone? :D i hope they fixed the major problems of f1 2010 then it will be a huge success for codemasters.

  10. Me Tooo!! True this game cant come out soon enough. Think ill camp outside the store.
  11. God... Please... This has got to have an improved gameplay... :frown: Race Rules sucks in F1 2010.. Wonder how it is in F1 2011... :tongue: Graphics wise... Still the best by a long way... :cool:
  12. game isnt even out and we are ranting already. come on. everone thougth GT5 was gonna be a blast...it was ok, not superb as GT3 or anyh previous titles. They even got some bad physics in certain cars.
  13. does any1 no is saftey car is in 2011 and if ai car crashes do u have to wait for it to be moved of track or or like 2010 jyst dissapears straight away
  14. nice
  15. Do we (people who already bought F1 2010) have to pay for all the tracks again or just for the new cars and options? If there isn't some kind of patch to bring F1 2010 up to F1 2011 I will not bother to spend the full amount for a game I already have for the greater part.
  16. i carnt seem to load co op and quick match on ps3, can anyone help? would it be my game