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F1 2011 tested with Fanatec GT2 too

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by Uff, Apr 6, 2011.

  1. Uff


    After watching pictures and videos from F1 2010 driven with the bad Microsoft wheel, I tried to ask Steve Hood if they intended to use a better wheel to test the 2011 game. Here's the answer. :)

    Steve can we expect you to test F1 2011 with a Fanatec GT2 steering wheel, instead of the poor official Microsoft one?

    Yes, we're building 2011 with some very nice wheels - this one is used by @TheLeeMather

  2. Why is the official microsoft steering wheel bad?
    I've just ordered one of these. I was using a cheap MC2 wheel ( mad catz )...was ok for a while,much better than a pad,but the peddles have gone super soft and the Y button no longer works. I've looked into the fanatec wheel,it looks fantastic,but way too expensive for me at the moment. I have a few friends on xbox live that use the official wheel,and they say it's the best for the xbox360,for what it does and it's price.I've seen good reviews for it....obviously the fanatec is better,but way more expensive.
    I'm expecting my wheel to come today or tomorrow.

    I would like to hear what others have to say about the official xbox360 wheel (force-feedback) with f1 2010...Like i said i was told it was the best for xbox,besides fanatec porsche GT2.
  3. I use the MSwheel also. My second one already. Be carefull with the shifters , they used the cheapest plastic they could find for them.
  4. Thanks for the response :)
    Apart from the shifters,is the wheel in general ok?
  5. Bram

    Roaring Pipes Maniacs | #27 Staff Member Premium Member

    Try a real wheel and you are able to answer that question yourself :)
  6. it's bad.... use it for practice but in time invest in a proper wheel which isn't mostly plastic :D
  7. Dont listen to them St Frantic , they are spoiled. :tongue: We all want a Fanatec or Logitech , until you see the pricetag

    The MSwheel is just an ok wheel , nothing very special but also no crap. You used the Madcatz wheel before this one so you will feel improvement , no question about that. I use it in the F1 2010 online championship im racing in at the moment. 100% distance races , not a problem (for the wheel , my body is different story) The FFB is ok , you feel what you have to feel. The pedals...driving wise not very good , weak spring in the gaspedal , brake is bit better. Very durable though , still use the pedals from the first MSwheel I had.

    If you want I have a link for you to build your own wheelstand. I did that also , 20 euros and you're ready to win races :cool:
  8. Thanks to all for your opinions. :)
    Your right though marcel,playing with the MS wheel will be much better than the one i had. I have just won the championship in my first season on full expert,with the virgin car and my crappy wheel. The peddles from what i've seen on pictures etc,look like there is more play in them compared to what i have now.If it turns out they are too soft,i will use something to counter it,springs,sponges,half of a tennis ball etc. I've had to put up with very soft peddles for ages,so if the MS ones are like that,i'll cope,because the distance from the peddle in default position to the floor looks way better than the one i have.Believe me though,if i had the money i would buy the fanatec porche GT2,but needs must at the moment. I shall wait until 2011 comes out,then around christmas nag the misses into getting me a fanatec...and skyrim of course. :)
    F1 2011 and skyrim are my most wanted games. :)

    Once again thanks for the replies. :)

    @Marcel....i would appreciate that link mate,for the wheel stand,i may just do that.
    Thanks in advance. :)
  9. Thanks mate,it's appreciated. Looks ok to me and would suit me just fine,as long as it does the job. :)
  10. Absolutely nowt wrong with the MS wheel. Brilliant piece of kit. Other wheels may be better but that doesnt mean the MS one is bad.
  11. Uff


    In all honesty I had the chance to try a MS wheel with F1 2010 months ago and I found the game to be pretty undrivable, but I didn't have the chance to edit settings.
    Compared to other steering wheel it really felt like there was almost no FF.
  12. @Marcel:
    Would you mind telling me your settings for MS wheel pal,like deadzones,feedback strength etc?
    It would be appreciated. Just got my wheel this morning ( second hand of course ),seems in good condition.Took me a while to get used to it.It's completely different than my other wheel,that's for sure. Using a side table at the moment,but i'll need a frame,something similar to what you showed in your earlier post.

    Anyone who has the MS ( FF ) wheel,feel free to post your settings.....I need to tinker. :)
  13. Not at home now but I believe my F1 2010 settings are:

    FFB 100%
    Wheel weight: Somewhere between 30 and 50.
    No deadzone on any axis

    For Forza3:
    No deadzone's
    FFB 100%
    I've set the sensitivity by comparing the wheel rotation on screen with my wheel.
  14. Thankyou for the reply it's appreciated.
    What about your saturation,is that untouched?
    And as regards the 100% FFB is that enviromental affect's too?
    I've also noticed when my wheel is aligning,it's slightly to the left,is that normal?....In general though the wheel seems to work ok,but i need to tinker with it and make sure it's right....as i've never used a FFB before.
    My break is tighter than the accelerator,which is fine,but the break seems really sensative.I touch it a little and it's almost like full lock before the peddle is down,any tips?
    Once again thanks for the reply. :)
  15. I'll check the other settings for you this evening. Whats your gamertag? (or just add me)
  16. My gamertag: II Dovahkiin II.
    I left the saturation as default and changed the rest you recommended. I'm now getting used to the wheel more,and your settings have helped also, so thankyou for taking the time to post them,it's appreciated.
    I've more or less got used to the braking now. I think some of it was just impatience on my part....i was expecting to be even faster with my new wheel too soon. I won the championship on full expert ( tyre wear,fuel on,no assist's at all ) in the virgin with my old wheel. ( went down to the last race by the way against webber...AI is slow on abu dhabi. ). I will be faster with this wheel,just need a little more practice with it.
    Anyway,sorry to have banged on and on.
    Sorry to the original poster if it seems i've high-jacked your thread,that wasn't my intension. :)
    Thankyou to those who responded ( especially Marcel .) :)
  17. Seen people posting about wheels and i might get a wheel for the 360 so i'm very limited.

    There is 3 wheels in my price range available to me and i'm wondering what is the best.

    There's the official Microsoft wheel, the Logitech DriveFX or the new crown racing wheel.

    Which one do people recommend?