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F1 2011 Savegame fix

Discussion in 'F1 2011 Mods' started by glight, Feb 12, 2012.

  1. I am posting this since we don't have a place for it here on Racedepartment already (though I thought savegame corruption was a fairly rare thing).

    Description: This is the flow.bin file from the original game, patch #1 and patch#2 had new flow.bin files that cause potential save game corruption (thank you CM!). This file prevents that so you can play the game with mods and not have to worry about your savegame getting corrupted!:)


    (side note: Mr Pibb's 2012 update, kristiannn's Ai Mod and F1 2011 exciter mod all include this file so you won't need it if you're using the flow.bin from either of those mods)
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  2. Hali:köszi kipróbálom!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. super thx :D
  4. Do you think it was a rare thing i was struggling all the time with this bug mate
    I was in Spain doing 100% races and then the Auto save didn't showed up from the Qualification 1 and i need to play from China race as i previously had a back up from there
    I was really searching for the Fix of this as CM didn't get it right since 2 years
  5. I meant that I thought savegame corruption didn't happen to too many people. I did not mean that I thought everyone knew how to fix it on their own. Sorry to hear you've been struggling!:eek:
  6. Avast is finding a trojan at that site. (probably an advertisement) Can anyone confirm that?
  7. didn't realize how many ads are on there! (thank god for adblock)

    Anyway with adblock disabled my Avast doesn't complain, just scanned my file and there aren't any problems there either.
  8. Well, maybe it was false-positive. Now I can download a file without problems.
  9. Would a SaveGame file corrupt the loading of qualifying at Nurburgring
  10. Do you have autosave enabled?

    Are you loading qualifying from the menu or just continuing from practice session?

    If it loads properly with autosave off then your (corrupt) savegame is probably the cause
  11. Bumping this so I can ask the mods for a sticky since it's had 180 downloads over 2 days
  12. continue from practice and yes i have autosave enabled
  13. so have you tried it with autosave off?
  14. no i have not just tried playing off line had to start my career again :mad:
    But are you telling me that if i turn off autosave the problem will be solved??
  15. I can't say for sure if that'll solve your problem because I've haven't had that issue before. However, Autosave can be problematic so it's better to just have it off and remember to save before you quit the game.
  16. mydriaz


    Thank you for that file and many thanks for including AI mods :)
  17. Hi!
    I have two important question:
    Is the save game fix also compatible with the German Version of F1 2011?
    Is there anything to consider concerning saving in game? Do I have to switch off autosave for example?
    I´d be very pleased for an answer.
  18. Is the save game fix also compatible with the German Version of F1 2011?

    Is there anything to consider concerning saving in game? Do I have to switch off autosave for example?
    You don't have to switch autosave off. Sometimes autosave can be problematic but this is a separate problem and shouldn't affect the ability to save manually.
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  19. Thanks for this fix - it was really killing my enjoyment of the game. Do you know if there's anything missing or not fixed as a result of running the 1.0 version?
    Thanks again!
  20. You're welcome, Ghoster. The fix doesn't change or remove anything in the game (except for preventing savegame corruption of course).