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F1 2011 Replays

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by LFCsmithy, Jul 9, 2011.

  1. Hi there....

    I dont know if any of you feel the same as me in regards to replays in the 2010 game. I personally thought they were very poor.

    I dont know whether its been mentioned before, but id love to see a replay mode similar to GP4's. I used to love the fact that you would be racing and it would come up on the screen for example " Bruno Senna is out of the race". You were then able to pause the game and view the replay of senna spinning out and hitting a wall........and better still you were able to watch that replay from any car that was still in the race, so you could watch how he went out of the race from the car that was following him....or indeed from a TV style camera.
    It was also cool when you would be following a car down the main straight when all of a sudden it would start smoking, eventually pulling over to the side of the track and having a small engine fire.

    In my view, these little things make for a more realistic game. Also i do realise that you dont see many engines giving up in that way much these days but, it would be nice if you saw that sort of thing in about 10% of the races you have.

    But my final thoughts are with the replay......I doubt it will happen, but a "free" camera in a replay would be a good addition to the game.

    Do any of you guys agree?

  2. Steve has said the replays will have more of a 'broadcast' feel to them - he said so via Twitter. :)
  3. Well thats good news. Would love the "free cam" too though. Oh well, we will see.
  4. Hey - Just wanted to make sure you know you're not alone. I really liked F1 2010 but you're right, the replays were terrible. Non-broadcast type camera angles, terrible sound effects, and the absense of being able to view other cars or a free mode. I think all of this is limited due to the EGO engine which more than makes up for it when you're in the cockpit racing live.

    For me personally, if they made 99% of all camera shots in replay mode stationary (not in motion w/ the user) and didn't focus on me the whole time that would be a big step forward. Second would have to be engine sounds. It can't be just me who thought it sounded like RC Pro-Am. If they do those two things, find a way to fully intergrate it with online co-op season mode my expectations will be completely met. In the videos released thus far the sounds appear improved but Codies seems to add real life sound effects in their trailers.
  5. one thing i would like added is the ability to replay onboard laps from rival cars, to compare where your slower and why.
  6. I think that is a brilliant idea
  7. replays are way down on my list for things they need to sort, all the gameplay features like AI being penalised the same as players and that they are affected by fuel and tyre wear etc are a much higher priorety in my opinion
  8. True but if you were like Cadmuss from youtube and on Career Mode as vanilla gameplay it would be boring watching you relaxed trying not to balls up your race. You would want to see what the AI are doing(in 2011 obviously), if there's anyone crashing out like in real life. the cameras are focused on key events.
  9. If you don't know who that is it's Steve Stoop on the PC league.
  10. you missed my point, the point i was making is that they should get all the game features correct before moving on to superficial stuff like replays. how many sales do you think they would get if the AI drove like lunatics and kept driving into you, the cars didnt handle properly and were buggy, but wow you can have all these super wonderful replays of the messed up action.
    yes ive gone extreme there but its just to show where im coming from ie gameplay is more important than watching a replay afterwards, if the game doesnt work it doesnt matter how good the replays are.
    one thing that is necessary is to spectate online as it did suck big time if you crashed out and then had to sit looking at the timing screen rather than watch the rest of the race.
  11. i know that but what I meant was the AI should already have been fixed(bar the penalties cos that probably takes some time to implement) and gameplay. If not CM are in a bit of trouble. They should now be able to concentrate on other features now e.g the replay system as well.
  12. so you would rather they added replays than fix the penalties? or even say add the sc that lots of people want that would lead to more tactical racing (no i dont want to start the sc argument here was just using it as a gameplay feature that lots of people have gone on about)
    personally im all about the gameplay and watching replays is just about last on my list.
  13. I wasn't saying that I was saying the AI should already have been sorted now with 2 months left in development. CM should be able to sort the little things now with 2 months before the game release

    Besides i have doubts on the safrty car and i don't want that argument either. I'll wait till release to check that. I wouldn't use it anyway.
  14. The traditional Codemasters replay felt wrong in an F1 game.

    Heck, in GP4 sometimes i just sat back and watched a race as a tv director lol
  15. True. Thing is if GT5 can have TV style replays then why can't CM do the same for F1 2011?
  16. Peter Hooper

    Peter Hooper

    Fully agree on the replay issue. They were extremely poor in F1 2010 especially on the consoles where there was not the same option to create them as on the PC. Yes gameplay has to be the primary concern and be the main thing they have concentrated on but the replay system was a BIG letdown. I have loved watching Steve Scoops video's and just want the chance to be able to do something similar. The ability to go back and watch replays of your (and others) driving from various angles would be really helpful in learning how to improve.

  17. Agree with you ther Leonardo......I used to put it on full race and go about doing stuff in the house and watch parts of it...If only F1 2011 would implement this feature.

  18. Yes Peter....Gameplay is the main issue here......But i loved the GP4 replays. Lets hope its improved from F1 2010 at least.
  19. No one would argue that gameplay is less important than replays. But did anyone have issue with the engine sounds in replay? You compare them to F1 championship edition and it's night and day. Night being f1 2010.
  20. siranodb

    Make love not war!

    I agree the most . If you want to enjoy a good simulation with fantastic replays and free camera there is only one title race07 by simbin the best ever played game.