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F1 2011 on Steam?

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by Pritch, Sep 6, 2011.

  1. Pritch


    I'm sure that F1 2011 will be available on steam but as of yet i have not seen any advertising or preorder on there and with the release date coming fast thats a worrie.........

    If anyone has any info on this matter it would be appreciated.
  2. Bram

    Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    I thought it would be on today. Valve Corp is in Seattle so maybe they will put it live at the end of their work day
  3. Pritch


    here's hoping
  4. I think it will be also on Microsoft store.
  5. I'll be Pre-ordering from Steam, I read that pre-orders will be pre-downloaded too,so we will be playing the morning of the 23rd!!
  6. I really hope it will be today evening or at least tommorow , according to the codemsters forum modreator there ...
    Also i saw on F1 Games from Codemasters thread on facebook a comment from one of the Designers i think who wrote it will be today or tomorrow ... 1 2 days as he wrote. :)
  7. It's on Steam right now. Just not for order yet... Trailers and pictures. Looks like very soon.
  8. I just pre-purchased my copy on Steam...$44.99,Kind of high even with the 10% discount.Let's hope it's worth it.It sure looks like it's gonna be!
  9. Will you be able to buy this game hardcopy in North America? I've been looking for a place to buy it, but no one seems to have it yet.
  10. in north america its only on steam like last year .
  11. just bought it!
  12. Pritch


    woohoo just pre-orderd it, let the racing begin...............:)
  13. Dammit, pre-ordered, sigh...
  14. I still can't see the buy button on steam shop website after log in ,and not in my steam console on my PC :( maybe there's a limitation of countries ? how did you pre order that ? where are you from ? thanks for the answers.
  15. Anybody from Europe preorder F1 2011 from Steam and price is?
  16. On the main steam store page, go into "coming soon" option and it should be listed there. Just click on F1 2011 and it will take you to the game page where you can pre-order.
  17. Thanks Eric i tried that , but the f1 2011 game doesn't listed there , only if you search f1 2011 ... i think that MAYBE the page isn't available in my country yet , i live in the middle east . Thanks for your support , i hope STEAM will allow pre order from my location too.
    If not, well they lost a customer , i will buy the CD or the license key from another shop ( i hope not =)
  18. I would think it should be up in a day or so, living in North America we get the server updates first; generally speaking.