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F1 2011 impossible to drive with keyboard

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by gray-b, Sep 24, 2011.

  1. I play with f1 2010 v 1.0 and I have great control with the keyboard, but in the F12011 is impossible even with all the aids turned on.
    It would be possible to return to
    f1 2010 configuration of the keyboard with some mod

    Thanks in advance
  2. I think if you practise a bit you will get in the hang of it. I have the same problem but I'm getting used, it's weird because the cars go faster but also brake harder, and because the wobbel with you, just give it a try.
  3. actually i felt that the car handled quite good with keyboard this year. in fact i was surprised at how much better it was. btw i usually set the following keys which helps..

    < = steer left
    > = steer right
    a = accelerate
    z = brake
    j* = up shift
    k* = down shift
    caps = quick menu up
    right shift = quick menu down
    n = quick menu left
    m = quick menu right
    q = kers
    x = drs
    v = rear view

    * is usually use automatic shifting aid anyways, so doesn't matter.
    maybe you'd notice that this is configuration similar to microprose's grand prix when it was released (1995), just got used to this set since then, makes you use the entire width of the keyboard.

  4. Buy a wheel or buy a gamepad... I dont know why keyboarders "expect" to drive racing games decently
  5. I dont know if this is the right section for such questions. I also dont get why some play with a keyboard, you`ll never get times like you would with a wheel, also you cannot make these little steering adjustments and probably crash more often .
    Seriously at least get a gamepad, its not so expensive.

    Greets Modmate
  6. I am a casual player and probably end up buying a whell or pad. But the truth is that I liked the experience that i had with the keyboard. Good times, no crash and great control.
  7. Could you drive a car in real life with a keyboard? No.

    Why do you expect to be able to race in a game with one? :rolleyes:
  8. if you looked at some of the times posted by kb players playing 2010 you wouldn't be so confident in your conclusion. there will always be people, like me, who are just going to play this game with kb, and play it decently and have lots of fun. if every equipment thats required for different types of games are bought then the money spent would be much much more than the amount of money spent on a gamepad. true a gamepad does not cost much, but money always adds up from various things, never just one.
  9. F1 2011 keyboard handling mod request

    Playing f1 2010 with keyboard was a great experience but its not true for f1 2011....There is a lot of over steer and the brake assist is also not very helpful. I tried copying some f1 2010 keyboard mapping files to f1 2011 installation but nothing worked. So its my request for all the mod developers to please develop a mod that can transfer f1 2010 car handling and keyboard mapping files to f1 2011 so that it becomes playable with keyboard too. I will be very helpful for thousands for f1 fans playing the game on their on PC:pray:.
  10. I have a thread with the same question...is impossible play with keyboard.
  11. set ride height in setups to 3, 4, and suspension to 11, 11. Known bug, you'll be a master of every track with aids off.
  12. Thanks..!! I will try that.
  13. Agreed 100%. Why anyone would want to use a keyboard for a racer is completely beyond me. You can get an Xbox 360 pad for £18 - and a wheel for £80!
  14. I play with keyboard and it's fine.
    I'm a terrible driver constantly 10 seconds of the pace. Took about 20 minutes, but all you really have to do is learn where to plant the throttle, and counter oversteer.

    btw, what is the cheapest wheel for PC?
    Thrustmaster driver experience is about 30-40 usd and is the cheapest one i know of.
  15. Well, Ive been driving with the keyboard since EA's F1 2000 was released. Though we all know using a wheel gives us a really good experience of driving games, for some guys like me keyboard is still fun.. yes, we cant match the lap times of the guys who use a wheel, but imho i feel keyboard is enough for not-so hardcore gamers..
  16. You need 2 keyboards to play f1 2011, 1 to steer with just as you did before and 1 on the floor to use as pedals.

    I recommend:
    Space = accelerate
    Enter = brake

    Enter and space are pretty big and easy to use with the big toe. Also pull the windows keys off the keyboard on the floor, I kept pushing them by mistake with my big toe and it tabs you out to windows (if you have a gaming keyboard you can switch off the windows keys).

    Hope this helps.
  17. is split screen multilayer possible with 2 keyboards?
  18. Yes, but the amount of keyboards needed would be crazy.
  19. Bram

    Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    Playing a racing game with a keyboard = Playing Battlefield 3 with a steeringwheel.
  20. I will try playing Angry Birds with steeringwheel