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F1 2011 .exe not working? Heres a Fix.....

Discussion in 'F1 2011 Mods' started by Chris Bull, Apr 28, 2012.

  1. Very important to read this first and print off

    OK so I had this problem where my .exe decided to stop working, so I set to working on a solution.
    This worked for me so give it a try ok. This is step by step.

    1. Back-up and save your saved game data that can be found in: C:/user/yourname/my documents/my games/FormulaOne2011/savegame

    2. Totally uninstall the game and clear any mods that you have put in. I know this is a pain in the butt, but if you want the game working you need to do this.

    3. Restart the computer for a fresh boot.

    4. Unplug any game wheels or controllers that you use for the game.

    5. Do a clean Install of F1 2011, WITHOUT PATCHING YET

    6. Back-up and save the original database.bin and the flow.bin from this fresh install. found in. C:/program file (x86)/F1 2011/database/databse.bin & C:/program file (x86)/F1 2011/system/flow.bin

    7. Apply the 1.1 patch, wait till game loads then exit game and the apply 1.2 patch and restart you computer.

    8. Paste a copy of your saved game, (Just the Auto save part of it) in the folder. C:/user/yourname/my documents/my games/FormulaOne2011/savegame. This will replace the new autosave. Make sure that it is the only file in the savegame folder.

    9. Run the game to check that this is now working with your saved game. If for some reason it fails then replace the database.bin and flow.bin with the ones from (6) above, and test again.

    10. Apply your mods 1 at a time and test each time. Back-up your original stuff first.

    11. After you have tested the game and your ready to play, restart your computer and plug-in your controller.

    12. I cannot be held responsible for your game not working if any of the above actions do not work for you.There may be a different problem with why you game still wont work, this is a fix that worked for me to go past the .exe?

    13. I have now installed on mine..... ACE AI Mod 1.2,HD Helmets,Trailer TV Real laps, Paddock wall poster in trailer of pit babe,HD driver suites...Ferrari,HRT,Lotus,Marussia,Mclaren,Sauber,Williams and Caterham, I have also replaced the start sting and attract videos with my own, and finally David croft sky addon.
    My game now runs and starts as it should, I have my saved game, 100% races.
    This is how Im playing mine as I would rather play the 2011 season until the right tracks come out for Bahrain and Texas for 2012.

    I had to install my game 6 times, working on this fix for me. So I can only hope this works first time for you all?
    Thanks for your time reading this.
  2. Comments please and let me know if this worked for you?????
  3. Never tried this but what worked for me when It crashes at the beginning is going into the Autosave folder and deleting the file named "GTEHXOSJZ_0" and then I just copy the file called "GTEHXOSJZ_1" and rename it into "GTEHXOSJZ_0" .. because those 2 files are the same.. I dont know why that allways works but .. It works everytime
  4. I tried that but I was not having no luck with that fix? not sure why, that is why I had to do it this way and it took me 2 days slowly trying everything out bit by bit.

    Thank for dropping by and commenting...
  5. No problem. I never really had a problem were it was needed to reinstall the game. But yeah I would say your option is like the last resort :)
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  6. Pretty useful info there, and thanks for spending the time to explain it to the community in such easy steps. This might also be useful in the main thread as a lot of people get this issue and probably dont mod their game.

    Must have been a massive pain installing the game 6 times!

    I think your problem must be different and more serious to the corrupt save game issue Sebastian mentions. I get that happening to me.

    Before I exit 2011, I always go to My F1 and select 'save'. If the 'autosave' icon doesnt appear, then I know the next time I start the game with the controller it will do the save game corruption, so I always remember to start the game with the keyboard and therefore I prevent the exe not working crash, and dont lose data that way, just reselect my wheel and im good to go.
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  7. @Paul Lock
    The reason for the install so many times it was so I could add each part and test, then I would come up against the problem I was getting.....So this is a bit like the Tom Hanks film Apollo 13 haha, It reminded me of that each time I uninstalled and reinstalled and started going through the process of adding a little more.
  8. The problem Sebastian refers to is the real pain... but the workaround does work... I notice Paul can avoid losing the data by selecting another controller on startup and then reselecting the wheel. Trouble is the wheel settings are lost... has anybody developed an xml file that I can replace the G27 one with which will keep settings ( kers and drs on the correct sides, fuel selections (AWDS) and rear view on wheel etc). I know nothing about xml files so would be grateful ....
  9. I had the problem where the exe. stopped working.

    Tracks wouldn't load in any mode (Career,Time Trial,everything) the screen would go black forever and i wouldn't get an error message.

    Now the problem was i had installed all the HD liveries+ HD Helmets + HD Tyres + ENB all in once after patching to 1.2

    I did a fresh install and decided to put them one by one,testing if it works.

    So...I put ENB,McLaren,Ferrari,Red Bull,Mercedes,Renault and finally Williams for Career reasons plus the HD Helmets.

    Game now works most of the time although i have occasionally the same problem with the unresponsive exe.(after the Barcelona race in Career and in a Practice in China) without corrupting my save.

    I believe there is a ''limit'' depending on our systems about the amount of HD textures we can put in our game that's causing these problems and it's connected to RAM and GPU.

    Any thoughts?
  10. Aidan Keranen

    Aidan Keranen
    Play by Play LoL+RL Caster at AussieGamingTV Premium

    I found that mine stopped working after about a month since installation, and I didn't use any mods at all.
    i've just reverted to 2010, at least it works
  11. My Fix works follow it step by step....Print it off read it first then continue.
  12. Aidan Keranen

    Aidan Keranen
    Play by Play LoL+RL Caster at AussieGamingTV Premium

    will do!
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