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F1 2011 exciter

Discussion in 'F1 2011 Mods' started by AtTiLa33, Jan 11, 2012.

  1. F1 exciter 2012 V.1!
    • Increased AI erorrs!
    • AI will be more competitive!
    • 30 flashbacks
    • Senna&Ricciardo UPDATE!
    • faster car when DRS active
    • SC limited
    • Increased SC sensibility!
    • Increased red flag probability!
    • Autosave fixed!
    • Team's and Drivers name Updated!
    • Updated chassis and their names!
    • Correct 2012 Driver Numbers!
    • Correct driver picture!
    • Caterham and HRT has KERS!
    preview for F1 exciter 2012!
    !!DOWNLOAD LINK FOR F1 2012 exciter v.1!!
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  2. What you want to see more in F1 2011 EXCITER V.1.2?
  3. Does this mod increase the aggressiveness of AI? It would be great if you could make the AI more competitive in corners, so that you can't outbreak them so easily any more...
  4. I have a problem!I do not think that it is linked to themod.
    I can not see the replay of the race! why?
  5. the AI agresivity was increased...now i try to increase it more!but that because theyre break earlier then you!
  6. What replay?Your replay?or my which i posted to youtube?

    My brother is making a replay mod which will be atached to the F1 2011 EXCITER V.1.2!
  7. no, after playing and doing the raceI can not see me the replay of the race thatI did
  8. and the game fails?or the ,,view replay" option is not there?
  9. view replay" option is not there
  10. anyone else has this ,,NO REPLAY BUG?"
  11. Hello good mod, but I have installed this mod today and now my game no longer wants to autosave and also does not save manually, please help
  12. Updated!...1000% BUGFREE!
  13. Do the auto save works fine after installing this mod
    The save game was crap for this games and After patch #2 it became Unberable for user
    Afterall save is the most important than anything but CM thinks that Other aspects are important than Save like F*** the Live Go and get Save corrupt
  14. at me,at my brother and at my friend IS WORKING THE AUTOSAVE!
  15. But the problem still persists for me
    I don't understand what's going for me in this computer and also
    i tried for twice and Why top 6 drivers are at the Q1 knock out zone
  16. try to reinstall the game:(!Are you use another mods?
  17. I only use graphic mod for tire wear and nothing else and i play only 100% races and i'm in middle of my career with season 1 with renault
    i edited DB for that does that make any problem for save???
    I was using all your files and they are of no use and i can't get the auto save
  18. Right now i'm at the Silverstone Gp and before Installation of your patch also the Auto save stopped working
    I really love the F1 games but CM made the game completely F***ING un Playable its far worse than F1 2010 please can you tell me how to get the save work always for atleast one full season
  19. i m sorry but at us this mod is working perfectly!
    ...codemaster is not codemasters because is BUGMASTERS!
  20. I would like to know who(which) differs your mod have, in the other one.

    Advantage and inconvenience. The more, the less

    I use the mod Have 1.3 of falcon I is do not pass in 1.4 has cause of the sepia color.

    Thank you.