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F1 2011 - Developer Diary #1 video (merged)

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by F1 2011 Rocks!, Jun 23, 2011.

  1. This is the first dev. diary. It's disappointingly short - but I had a sneaking suspicion that would be the case - not a great deal to go on. The lighting does not look as good as the Race Dev mods, but that could be down to early build.
  2. Well the added cinematics is a step forward, so too is the multiplayer, split-screen, co-op championship
  3. Cool more crap talking from Ant Davidson and codemasters yet again.
  4. Comparing F1 2011 with F1 2010 was always going to happen, but I find this comparison much more relevant:


    That's right: F1 2011 vs real life. Doesn't come off so badly now, does it?
  5. The F1 2011 car looks thinner to me...
  6. wow game looks like garbage. hire RDDev team please. F1 Challenge (2006) looked and sitll plays a lot more realistic and better than this 2011. In their words "rewritte" game. yes they said it in the video above...what a fail. and people look mor elike polygons...wow what an effort they put. they should have US as feedback not those 4 year olds playing with the assisst on up on youtube.
  7. Sincerely, I'm happy with the "visible" graphic changes...I liked the lights, not "too dark" appearance anymore...I noticed too much bloom effect, but I'm sure RDDev will improve it somehow or other. The driver hands animations are nice! Finally they fixed the shadows, now we can see shadows projected on the mirrors and the car pieces. The cars and tracks seems to be the same quality of F1 2010, very well. It seems the drivability is more fluid, more responsive while you doing a curve.

    ...But now, let's wait for more videos talking about the new features (safety car, new weather effects, etc etc)...and I hope they made OPTIMIZATIONS for this 2011 game, I'm praying not to have to buy a NASA computer to play the game decently, like the F1 2010 does.:frown::frown:
  8. I like it, in this short video you actually get to see the drivers doing opposite lock, Twice!!!!!
    That's more than i ever saw in the many hours i've logged of F1 2010.
  9. That's not what the people (members from the community and not 'four year olds') who have actually played the game are saying - have you played the game? If so, you're entitled to your opinion. If not, how can you possibly tell how the game is going to play from a few tiny snippets? As for the game looking like garbage, well it comes off quite well in the F1 2011 vs real life shot above. ;)

    F1 2010 ran flawlessly on my system and I haven't got a supercomputer - midrange at best. ;)
  10. AMAZING! Can't wait until its released! F1 2010 was a fantastic game, looking at some of the 3D footage on the PC we could have inlaps! Wooo! Hopefully there's a safety car!
  11. One or two of the dimensions are a bit off, yes. :)
  12. Like the lighting system - 2010 felt too much 'yellow' unless you were driving in rain or night.

    Looks more arcadish than 2010 - not saying it is, just that it looks like the footage gameplay has full assists on or something as traction seems corrected so easily.
  13. well its still developing...so i guess graphics wise we might c a huge improvement when the actual gameplay footage comes b4 the game release......and so far it all looks good....looks pretty good.....
  14. After all the bugs in the first game, The AI not pitting and just driving around in a big Train.

    Codemasters have gone massively downhill over recent years. The Dirt series, this. I wont be buying it;...there just all about advertising, Hype and making a fast dollar.

    They still havent patched the game any more to fix the rest of the bugs from the first one and if it wasnt for RDDev and community the first one would be an absolute pile of crap!
  15. Diego Lopez....


    It's very hard to say anything at the moment, we need to see more. There are things that I like and things I dont. Cars look much more feisty which I like a lot. The shadows still look too soft (under the car), it makes it look like cars are not fully on the tarmac. Oh and the cam positions look good. I personally looking forward to the new features the most, specially the new tires and racing full distance with them and see how the strategy factor plays out.
  16. After seeing first dev diary this game is 'MUST HAVE' for me.
  17. From Twitter:
    T4RG4 Steve Hood
    Yes, it seems there was too much brightness in the released video. Game actually has more colour and better lighting.
  18. Just putting it here.

  19. i already like this game.it looks nice and if it also plays nice i am the happiest man of the world.
  20. Troll much?!..

    Really after 5 screenshots and 1 video that's your opinion? Please stop spoiling it for everybody else and just don't respond next time..