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F1 2011 - Bug Report Thread

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by Ramon Alonso, Sep 20, 2011.

  1. The game was awesome until the gremlins came out. First the sound went out, had to restart, the had to repick my custom wheel setup, and then the G27 got whacked out so much the game is unplayable. I was loving it until the gremlins reared their ugly heads out.

    Anybody having issues?
  2. Nooo it doesnt get released for us Brits until Friday :(
  3. i just have to set it back to custom for my control setup. its not everytime, just the first time i load it up.

    and i think that nasty dx11 issue may (MAY) be there. but i just updated my drivers and had no issues for the last 2 hours.. before that i crashed it i think 2 or 3 times.
  4. I was in CM forum, and someone reported the exact 3 issues I just had.
  5. I read something somewhere about it not saving your wheel (controller) set up, & the guy reckoned you need to not press enter when you start the game, but press whatever button on your controller/wheel when you start the game (to advance it) & this apparently avoids the issue. Dont know myself yet as we dont get it here until Friday
  6. Thanks for the heads up Deane, I'll try later, my body needs sleep.
  7. That was the same issue with Dirt3. Unless you press your controller button to initially start the game, it lost your controller setup.
    I plan to edit the default actionmap rather than setup the controls in the game, so it wont be a problem. (hopefully).

    As that is the same as Dirt3, I really hope running Crossfire doesnt cause the same glitches as it does in Dirt3 with my 4870s. When it rained the track turned into a strobe - not cool!
  8. Lol, probably will then. I read the minimum spec & I'm only just over it, so I guess I might not be doing vids this time
  9. Why did they have to change the corner indicators :( Now they are huge and seem to take up the whole track and of no use.
  10. Corner indicators?
  11. corner indicators or brake markers? ummm brake distances seem are the same, the tarmac area are a lot more realistic than 2010. Il be posting a quick review video of the game later on tonight when im dont with college here.
  12. Not long for the bugs to come out, they have closed some divisions down to make the F1 team bigger, they should dedicated 20 people to sorting and detecting the bugs, as some of them are major and a massive annoyance.

    Im not Impressed.
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  13. rp9


    I think corner indicators can be turned back to flat like in 2010
  14. Well as of right now, I'm still FRAKED!! The G27 is still useless, after it was working properly in the beginning. I left a thread at CM F1 2011 Tech Support, where you post the bugs, before I posted on General, and for now not even an answer. I can hear the crickets outside it's so quiet. I see other bugs get answered or questions asked, they avoiding me like the plague.
  15. Wassup with it dood?
  16. There's an option to either turn off the corner indicators or have them in 3D and 2D. Atleast thats what I seen on the PS3 version.
    I like the 3D effect to the corner indicators. Gives you a heads up on when to slow down & that the corner is up ahead.

    Here's something I noticed with the game since I picked it up last night & got the 1.01 patch.
    The game has abit of a skip to it. I dont know if its a glitch or a bug. I get it when I leave the garage area or when Im out on the track. 2010 started doing it too not that long ago.
  17. I've been reading your posts, and something similar to this just happened to me in rFactor, I was using the 207 wrc mod and it felt fine, then my wheel just reset itself out of know where and it felt way different, un drivable even. I wonder if it's a logitech profiler bug or something. If you get it fixed let us know though.

    Also, if your game crashes your auto save will be corrupt. This is really annoying to me, why can't it just roll back to the last save and load it from there, instead of losing the whole game. Last night I was only in practice 2 at melbourne when it happened so restarting wasn't a big deal but I'd hate for it to happen when I've just finished at UAE.

    The crash was a result of me pulling an active HDMI cable out of the back of my laptop, so probably a video card issue.
  18. For the alignment settings, are the values reversed for camber???

    F1 2010:
    Camber front: -1.50 to -0.50
    Camber rear: -3.50 to -2.50

    F1 2011:
    Camber front: -3.50 to -2.50
    Camber rear: -1.50 to -0.50
  19. I think he means the dynamic racing line. If so, (aimed at p_augustus) change it to 2D instead of 3D or don't have the racing line on at all :)
  20. here is what i found so far... tho the AI thing must have been a fluke - the later sessions the cars were beating me out