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F1 2011 Archive

Discussion in 'Xbox One | F1 Championship' started by Dylan Hember, Aug 24, 2011.

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  1. Please note: Signups will close on Friday 21st October at 6pm to allow us to organise Pre qualifying. You will also need to register for pre qualifying if you have not already. It has its own thread.
    The start of the F1 2011 season is getting closer and closer. We have had 1 season of brilliant racing and we are getting ready to move over to F1 2011.

    A small note to the people signing up, there will be a No Assists racing League-the "World Championship".
    and a Low assist i.e. Auto Box-TCS League-the "World Cup".
    Please indicate in your signup which league is your preference???

    Please dont discuss here, save that for the paddock.

    ​Please sign up below if you are interested, but dont sign up then not turn up!.
    Please use the template below to sign up.
    RD Name / Gamertag

    Signed up for F1 2011!
    Note Full Sim*
    Low Assist #
    if tba next to your name please confirm which assist level (World Championship-No assists or World Cup Auto and TCS)

    Signup World Championship (No assists)-
    and those who need to clarify which assists level they want?
    1. Dylan Hember / H3MB3RD*
    2. David O'Reilly / FigjamRACER*
    3. Peter Hooper / Hammerpgh*
    4. Karl Raper / xxkArLo5xx*
    5. Andrew Shepherd / itzREDNEKsniper*
    6. Gavin Hendley / Gavos 2 Base*
    7. Chris Bell / Bellmond570*
    8. Ash Kendall / GetUpKidAK*
    9. Jordan dixon / jordan Rising*
    10. Gareth Jones / gjones24 (Possible)
    11. Jonathan Motteram / jim clark 89*
    12. Dan Smith / MysticViibrosis *
    13. Daniel Evans / A Prost UK-*
    14. Johan Lindahl / FragrantNutria5*
    15. Mark Adams / Captain LeChuck tba
    16. Mark Greenall / marksman669 tba
    17. Chris Briddon / D2K x Purez x tba
    18. Allan Sinclair / F1 Di Resta tba
    19. Michael Manuel Marini / SynysterShirei*
    20. Adam Paul Smith / RisingLegand tba
    21. Kris Banham / 0_Vx_RaPiiDzZ tba
    22. Steve Freeman/Freakster69* (Reserve)
    23. Alan Coyne/shevi82 *
    24. Justin Lindsay/iOnlyGotOneArm*
    25. Kariem Janssen/eeffeekkuuss*
    26. Andrew Ford/ForthDimension*
    27. David Parker/dave91uk2*
    28. Marcel Campenaar/DutchFLC*
    29. Dean Brookes/Dark Goblin*(awaiting License)
    30. Martin Ott/ninja9011*
    31. Jean-Francois Matte/Fullizu*
    32. Chris Benham/Chja00111*
    33. Ben Eastman/Benvcr*
    34. Mark Greenall/MARKSMAN669*
    35. Graham jarvis/ Jarv027*
    36. Chris Rees/Torg 22*
    37. Mike Raper/Milkybarkid*
    38. nick knaus/IIx KnAu5 xII*
    39. Alan Milligan/xRock vs Rollx
    Signup World Cup -(Low Assists)
    1. Richard Knight / r petressi#
    2. Guy Pearson / Mad max 954#
    3. David Hoste/CC Victim be#
    4. Darren Benskin/El Aguila x#
    5. Jan-Willem Sieveking/Cyveking #
    6. Ryan sylvester / ry8114#
    7. Jamie Footitt/JamieFootitt#
    8. Daniel Hudson/FATSTUFF86# (Reserve)
    9. Andrew Skinner / Andtidus#
    10. Jamie Cottage/Jay ITFC#
    11. Matthew Booth / boothy116 #
    12. Martinez Alanis/ XLG: madrid319#
    13. Zachary Sears / slingbun#
    14. Atif Baig / Atif Baig#
    15. Chris Rice/ricecrispy420#
    16. Martin shreeve/Ki11ermarty#
    17. David Bullet/djKayxx#
    18. Davy Seerden/ SpecialD1973#
    19. Dougie Murray/ SplifWIZARD#
    20. Tony Simons/ASimons360#
    21. Kev Foreman/awesum foresome#
    22. Stephen Snares/LEZ XRAYTED X#(awaiting License)
    23. yorkshire Daz/DAZ UK 74#
    24. Carlos Jimenez/nachirri#
    25. Louis Beaven/Chanelle Page#
    26. Szymon Salamon / Humperdink95#
    27. Ed Inglis/xHDx KILLZ x#
    28. Maxime Moreau/Xx Price xX 31 #
    29. Mark McLay / markptfc#
    30. Andrew Pienaar / Hamst3r761#
    31. Richard Lovewell / Ron Dennis Mum#
    32. Matt Smaith/ II N0 Scope45 I#
    33. Nigel Gray / NigelKobalachi#
    34. Rahmel King / Mess1ah Complex#
    35. Karlfuss/niblips2#
    36. Brett McClintock/CmndrCoolski#
    37. Jordan Craske/sirius blacker#(awaiting License)
    Next actions once signed up:
    1. Practice Races; (Optional) dates/tracks have been scheduled (refer thread). First 4 are up in the Club Section for sign up.
    2. Pre Qualifying; (Compulsory part of process). 30/10-13/11/2011.Tracks and dates are in the calendar thread.
  2. Have you got any ideas for this league?

    If so please state them.

    Use bullet points and please dont discuss, save that for the paddock.
  3. Feel free to chat here.

    Please post Race Reports in the actual race thread
  4. no assists, il give this a go
    Andrew Skinner/Andtidus
  5. no assists sounds a pain but may be a lot of fun, time to break out davids guide again, just an idea lets start the season in october gives people 1/2 weeks to get some practice in
    • 50% races
    • We have team mates
    • Team orders allowed (To a certain exten)
    • Worst 5 results dont count
    • Every driver (16) gets atleast 1 point
    • Team mates (picked at random)
    • Allow the Safety car (it adds to the realism and it only stays out for 1 lap
  6. just a few ideas from me.

    • to decicde the race calander everyone picks their 3 favourite races and we vote however i suggest that the histroic gps (monaco, sliverstone, spa, monza) are automatically added and double points for these races
    • Monaco to be final race of the championship
    • 50%races
  7. I was thinking we could start at around November maybe? We could do practice races since the start but just so we can get everything settled.
  8. Am not sure about double points.
    I think we should do allthe races.Maybe to spice it up abit, we could do random order?
  9. i like the random order, and to spice things up in a close title race, LAST RACE MONACO
  10. im up for a november start gives people time to get some practice in
  11. Peter Hooper

    Peter Hooper

    Agreed with that.. November sounds about right to give everyone the chance to test out the game and get used to how it feels.

    We are going to have a break around Christmas though I hope?
  12. Or we could start after christmas and just do practice races until then.
  13. id perfer november as my live runs out in jan so there might be a 1-2 week period where i cant race
  14. I agree with Dylan. Since probably most people have school like me it would be a better idea to have just practice races. I'm not signed up, but I will.
  15. I'll give the no-assists a go as well
    Andrew Shepherd/itzREDNEKsniper.
  16. I'll sign up as soon as I can confirm that I'll be getting the game.

    I'd agree with a mid-november start aswell.
  17. ->2011 car preformance

    ->Car allocation decided by a pre-season race (or random draw, general agreement, 2010 league positions, ect)
    -------Top 8 finishers get choice of car
    -------Bottom 8 finishers can be selected by the top 8 as their teamates

    ->After each season, lower finishing teamate is dropped, and higher finishing teamate has the choice of moving to another team (if offered a spot) or remaining and selecting a new teamate (or re-signing his old teamate).

    I consider this the best way to keep the best drivers in the best cars at all times, and also makes the best use of the teamate system. Even racers who don't have the skill or car to compete for wins are still pushed on to preform against his/her teamate. Let me know what you think. :)
  18. Richard Knight

    Richard Knight
    GP2 - No.1 Virgin

    If we are doing a qualifying race 1st place should be team-mates with last placed. Will even-up teams for more competitive season.
    50% race.
    All races - drop 5 results?
    Random car allocation?
    Safety car.
  19. Richard Knight

    Richard Knight
    GP2 - No.1 Virgin

    Richard Knight/r petressi
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