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F1 2010 too hard on expert?

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by Ev0d3vil, Jun 4, 2011.

  1. Using a wheel. Perhaps its my wheel settings? Wheel is thrustmaster ferrari GT. Anyone using this wheel and care to share your settings?
  2. Or maybe its your driving skill...
  3. Oli Peacock

    Oli Peacock
    Sim Racer

    yeah im on PS3 on controller and i won the champioship on Expert with Williams
  4. yeah me to i play it with xbox 360 controller and i win every thing.
  5. I would say it's too easy! I can win in my first year of career, 100% races with the 'new' teams. That's why I stay away from career...

    Maybe you should try to take the difficulty down a notch. About the wheel settings, you should not use any deadzone obviously, and the force feedback you have to play around with a bit, cause everyone likes it different. Maybe you should try more FFB to get a better feel for the car and how it behaves!
  6. Certain GPs are technically impossible to win e.g. Catalunya
  7. I use 50% linearity, 100% saturation everywhere and 0% deadzone everywhere.

    Then practice, practice, practice.
  8. How in the bluest did you do that im in ferrari in my third season i tried it on expert and i just keep spining and i consider my self a really good driver, instead now im just gonna complete the season with all aids of execpt gearbox cuz thats what i struggle with i spend time on time trial practicing but make little improvement, have you got any tips?
  9. Oli Peacock

    Oli Peacock
    Sim Racer

    Set-ups give me maybe 1sec on average across the citcuits
  10. David O'Reilly

    David O'Reilly
    A bad quali means I can go forwards in the race.

    One of the nice things about this game is that to compete well against legend AI you really have to have averything working very very well: Setups (test-refine), Speed (practice each track min 50 laps if its a new track to you), consistency, strategy.
    Last week I started on Monaco doing 1.23sec. One night of setup work and practice and I had 1.21.
    Next night long runs (2x25 laps)on primes then a quali and had 1.18.2.
    Next night 4 or 5 quali rehearsals and I had 1.16.7 on options and 1.17.2 on primes.
    Still have to find another 1.5 sec to compete with faster guys but thats the journey and the joy. Its what separates this game from pacman.
  11. LOL, AI on amateur is too hard for me, except for Canada of course. Although it seems I was rushing my game, like someone else said, lots of practise, after 2 days of practise I knocked a full 15 seconds off of my lap times at Brazil.

    & I have just restarted my career, dont know what times I had before, but I was consistently getting lap times of 1.59.xxx at Bahrain.

    So Im re-doing season 1, & I wont stop practising a track until I can consistently put in times that get me into mid-field.
  12. 1.59 is a very good timing with the lower tier car.

    That is without any assist or aids. Tyre and Fuel sim on as well. :)
  13. David O'Reilly

    David O'Reilly
    A bad quali means I can go forwards in the race.

    If you are doing career its fun to get a bit of paper for the season and record the Quali time and Place, Race Result, fastest race lap and setup used. You can also jot down as and when you reduce assists and increase AI level.
    Future seasons you can compare your times.