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f1 2010 mod - CESAR7

Discussion in 'F1 2011 Mods' started by cesar7, Nov 9, 2016.

  1. cesar7


    F1 2010 mod

    From first time ever a f1 2010 season mod!!!!!!!!:):)
    All liverys has been created by me. I know that is not completed but I will be uploading for new content .
    I´m also looking for a guy that can create the f1 2010 bridgestone tyres If someone create the tyres please contact with me.
    This is also my first mod so I hope you like it ;);)
    And sorry for my english I´m spanish

    DOWNLOAD LINK https://www.mediafire.com/?co9nbifxw58676k
    F1 2011 09_11_2016 20_00_55.jpg F1 2011 09_11_2016 20_02_23.jpg F1 2011 09_11_2016 20_02_29.jpg F1 2011 09_11_2016 20_02_32.jpg F1 2011 09_11_2016 20_04_29.jpg F1 2011 09_11_2016 20_04_33.jpg F1 2011 09_11_2016 20_04_40.jpg F1 2011 09_11_2016 20_04_45.jpg F1 2011 09_11_2016 20_04_51.jpg F1 2011 09_11_2016 20_04_54.jpg
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  2. xFankerz


    I think is a nice mode, if u want i can try to help u with the italian and english language, but i don't know how to program a mod. :)