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F1 2010 Lets Play

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by LiamJenkinsF1, Jun 14, 2011.

  1. Hey everyone i want to become a motorsport commentator and was wondering if you guys could give me any tips , i currently commentate for FormulaSimRacing and do a lets play of f1 2010 on youtube. Below is a link to one of the races and id just like some feedback really on where i can improve , what you like and dont like.
    Thanks for your time
  2. James Robertson

    James Robertson

    I think you sound very professional and have a reall knack for it.

    Wouldnt soud out of place hearing you on eurosport
  3. aw thank you for your feedback james i would love to be on eurosport some day :p
  4. Nice commentary, although I will say that you need to cut down on using the ER's, It's not an easy thing to do. When you need to think, just take a breath instead.

    You use about 10 er's in the first minute, once you settle into the commentary, it seems that you are more comfortable and they used much more sparsely.

    Hope this is helpful and constructive for you.
  5. Thank you craig ill take the advice onboard ill try and use that in the future :)