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F1 2010 HRT Setup

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by devil1981, Jul 11, 2011.

  1. has anyone had a customised setup for HRT in f1 2010 for all tracks...really looking for that
  2. Andrew Bortz

    Andrew Bortz

    Yeah me:p of course they are jus the same as any car I use so they are all up on the setup pages.
  3. Andrew has forgotten more about setting up HRTs than most of us know... :D

    Mind you there isnt much to remember is there Andrew? 1:1 wings, 1:1 height, 11:11 stiffness........etc :D :D :D
  4. As mentioned try the set-ups threads in here. There will be a few different ones from different people...It's just a case of trying each one for each circuit and finding one that suits you then maybe just do the odd little tweak yourself. e.g. maybe add 1 degree of front downforce, adjust the brake balance forward 1 or 2 % etc etc.....
  5. Something happened to my F1 2010 profile where it was deleted and I lost my career progression (I was near the end of the 2nd year at HRT) and lost all of my setups (some of them were tweaks on what Steve Stoop had in his videos which if I am not mistaken were tweaks from some other player). Anyway I tried one of Andrew's (1:1 wings, 1:1 height, 11:11 stiffness) setups last night in Bahrain using a Toro Rosso and the car seemed to perform well. I don't think the setups are all that critical in this game. After all CM left out one of the most important and fundamental car setups there is in motorsports. Tire pressures based on temperature spreads. But one thing I did notice about Andrew's setups. They do seem to burn through the tires in race conditions faster than other setups (I do 100% length races and he doesn't so maybe this is also a factor).
  6. Thing is, Mr Bortz builds up so much lead he has time to do 2 extra pit stops. Sometimes he even takes a comfort break and still comes back and wins. Him and stone cold steve stoop are machines and lap with pin point accuracy every time. I remember the time Bortz had his pit crew fit puppies to his hubs instead of tyres and he still put a lap on me. I agree with you but those setups are competitive, in the right hands. Not for the novice and only really pay off if you can nail every lap.Tyre pressures would have been a brilliant inclusion to the game. As it constitutes 50% of the cars suspension, it's just as important as the mechanical suspension aspects they did feature.
  7. Maybe they were greyhound puppies?
  8. Nope. It was 4 of these, but I could only find a picture of 3 of them....

  9. Arrgh it's Cerberus
  10. aah the classic t1t tyre mod. No one minds having their car buried in the gravel if you've used a pair of breasts to do it.