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F1 2010 Fixed

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by Tox-Laximus, Jul 9, 2011.

  1. Tox-Laximus

    @ Simberia @Simberia

    I've spent some time fixing the AI from 2010 plus a couple of tweaks to the database and finally got some pretty decent games going finally.

    If CM think I'm gonna spend the next 12 months complaining about F1 2011 then their having a laff, their site has pages and pages of complaints already and the games not even finished yet, just about every troll in the world is drooling in anticipation and is getting ready to pounce on release day.

    I for one will watch and wait before buying :p
  2. You're calling other people 'trolls' just because they're anticipating what - judging by what all the community testers have said - is going to be fantastic? Hypocrisy - of the highest order.

    Of course, I forgot. People like you always get something right the first time when trying something new. :rolleyes:
  3. Tox-Laximus

    @ Simberia @Simberia

    Nah, it took me several goes to get 2010 balanced, CM couldn't or wouldn't and neither have any other modders.

    And don't come crying to me when CM take your money and run, coz I'm not clearing up their mess again, I don't like being ripped off and I don't like seeing other people getting ripped off even if they are idiotic and can't see whats right in front of them.

    You don't think these community testers have back pockets?
  4. Since when did you 'clear up their mess'? I've been using Race Dev mods - they've 'cleared up their mess' if anyone has. And if required, I'm sure they'll do likewise again. As to your notion that Codies would bribe the testers - we're not talking about the Mafia here. :rolleyes:

    Besides, F1 2010 was a great first game in the series, with or without mods.
  5. Tox-Laximus

    @ Simberia @Simberia

    2010 is ok until you start getting into it, then you realize the AI are either too fast (Catalunya, Monaco) or too slow (All the other tracks).

    So your either chasing cars that can't be caught or your way ahead of everyone and have to stop and do some donuts until they catch up, this is not much fun really and game breaking.

    Now if the curve average is more than 1.10 then the track will be too hard, if its 1.05 you will be able to keep up with the leader, if its 1.00 you will be able to just pass the leader, people with good wheels could set the curves to 1.02 or maybe 1.03.

    So the difference is with my tweaks you will be racing 90% of the time instead of 10%, its stops becoming a chore and turns into a racing game.
  6. I find it strange that people are willing to pre-order the new game when CM never cared about 2010. I never got any mods because I foolishly bought the 360 game. At least I was able to sell it back. The PC guys are annoying elitists, but the fact that shoddy games get a second life when they're fixed by the community sure is a nice thing. Kudos.
  7. Bram

    Administrator Staff Premium

    Why are pc racers annoying elitists. Quite a bold statement m8
  8. David O'Reilly

    David O'Reilly
    A bad quali means I can go forwards in the race.

    The nice thing about a market is people pay their money and make their choice.
    I have had a great experience with 2010 on Xbox.
    Saw it in Tesco! (very common I know)
    did the research by watching Steve Stoops videos.
    Later through RD discovered multiplayer.
    Now I balance a weekly a RDF1WC League with a Pro Am warmup on the same track with some career action (yr 3/7 currently).
    Having a ball. OK Catalunya is a pain, one day Ill win Monaco, but Is AI spot on in any game?