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F1 2010 Auto Save Data corrupted on PC

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by Blackdragonrhu, Jan 31, 2011.

  1. Hi,
    Nearly got to end of my first season. got offered a drive with McLaren accepted and loaded up next day to find saved data corrupt message on screen which means I have lost all my track set ups and points. anybody else had this happen?
  2. Nope, but there are quite a few topics with people who have.
  3. It has happened to quite a lot of people, me included. Best advice is to always back up your savegame. If you don't have a backup, no much you can do i'm afraid.
  4. Exit the game and try a reboot straight after and then reload the game immediately, this has helped me in the past and still it happen's now and then. Best advice you can follow is what Steve 'Brundle Boy' Stoop said ! (Sorry Steve I had to do it man it's been lingering for over a week now, I struck while I had the opportunity, please forgive me :D) Backup your save game occasionally.
  5. Can anyone confirm that they have ever successfully restored their backed up save gave after a corruption?

    Ive seen lots of threads where people have put their save game files from 'my docs' back and it still doesnt work.
    Fortunately it hasnt happened to me yet, but i would like to know that iam backing up the right stuff incase it does!

  6. Peter Hooper

    Peter Hooper
    Premium Member

    Is there any way to backup up on the Xbox? Would hate to lose my career or setups!!

  7. Awwww I would cry if this happened to me.
  8. Many tear's of joy, anger and despair have been shed over this game MYlookBook.
  9. James Chant

    James Chant
    Premium Member

    I haven't needed to, but you could try occasionally copy the save file to a USB stick,
  10. hi folks my english is not so good but i will try

    thats happeninng to me too

    what i do ?

    i did try to find any program to restore my autosave folders .... but in the win7 we have a option to do this ... then go to your save folder then click with right button then "restore versions before "( dont know if this option is write in this way because i have win7 PT-BR ).

    my folder is:

    C:\Users\augusto\Documents\My Games\FormulaOne\savegame

    works fine but my last version of this folder is from some 3 days ago then i lost my 2nd place on standings and 4 races but is bettes then lost all the year and start again the game !!! i hope this help somebody.

  11. I had the Save data corrupted lastnight for the 2nd time at Suzuka(not completed 1 season yet) anyway I copied my last backup of \Documents\My Games\FormulaOne\savegame.

    I'm back to racing at Spa again. I backup the whole FormulaOne folder and overwrite the corrupted folder and that works fine.

    All I would suggest is that you make a copy after you exit the game after evry race.
  12. Nice one thanks for confirming im backing up the right stuff.
  13. Hi all friends!

    I'm very, very sad to have to write at this thread... I have corrupt data in the savegame. The last thing I did ingame was to join in McLaren before the Korea race. I'm very frustrated. I have no activated restore points in windows so I could not access older versions. Are there any ways to solve the problem?

    From last weeks I was very happy with the game but for now everything is bad for me. I lost my motivation to continue playing with the game...
  14. I dont think even restore points would help here as it only rewinds your system rather than personal data.

    Not sure that you can salvage already corrupt data.
    If you havent already, patch the game from the update on the Codemasters website. Im not sure this will help, but the only last thing i can think of.

    Dont give up, this has happened to a lot of people. Just be cautious and backup the files mentioned earlier in this thread once you restart.
  15. Do you still have your corrupt savegame Camacho? I've read of methods that seem to restore them on the PC

    Try this fix that was posted in that link:
    1. Loaded game, got error message saying save is corrupted.
    2. DO NOT start a new autosave file and exit the game.
    3. Go to C:\Users\<youruser>\Documents\My Games\FormulaOne\savegame\Autosave<stuff>
    4. Make a copy of the Autosave directory
    5. Go back into F1 2010 and create a new autosave file.
    6. Exit the game
    7. Copy all of the files in the backup (corrupted) autosave directory into the newly created autosave directory except for the file "CBTAXDHUDKR" (its about 23k on my pc)
    8. You're done, go and play F12010\

    Edit: did a bit more searching and found that two other files could also cause corruption. If this method doesn't work, try repeating it but instead do it with the files named NXDSMWW or TKWVGWWIDBDGTVFQLFQFMB
  16. Sounds interesting. I had previously suggested that to someone here and it failed, but i disnt know about leaving that particular file out.

    Hope it works, please update the thread with results.
  17. Hi guys. First post here. I get the corrupt game save problem on PC every four or so starts. It's very annoying and not a trivial bug. In my case, I'm not convinced there is any corrupt data. When I get the message, I don't allow the game to create a new autosave file. When the first interview scene takes place, I ctrl-alt-delete to exit the game. I simply restart the game, and I've never had the message pop up twice in a row. It's as if the game is initially interpreting the data as corrupt when it really isn't. I always create backup copies of the game save files just in case, but I've never had to use them.
  18. Hi friends! Savegame solved! I can't believe... Wow!

    I try that solution and EUREKA! My problem was with the archive NXDSMWW. I have started a new career and then exit the game. I have replaced every archive, but no NXDSMWW and everything turn OK again.

    I have to say that I have tried with every archive in autosave folder and really, when I have copied this archive the game says "Save corrupt".

    This is the solution friends. This might be a sticky thread. Everybody must know the solution because this is a common problem.

    Finally, thanks for your help friends. You're the best!
  19. Result! Great news for you and everyone!
  20. Yes want to say a big thank you to all who have help with this issue! Now I don't have to restart all over again which have runied my interest in the game.