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Skins F1 1998 Ferrari recolor 2,0

Ferrari livery

  1. The update looks perfect, thank you very much! Sorry if it's too much too ask :) you're very skillful, what program do you usually use?
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  2. Thank you very much. Does not matter. I use this ordinary Photoshop.
  3. I tried so many times with photoshop but it didn't show up the options I need to mod an F1 car, I wish I could learn in the future
  4. Maybe you need plugin DDS.
  5. Actually I wanna say the wheels are too bright but I'm afraid it would annoy you.. Haha
  6. Hahaha! Can I fix it? And what color? :)
  7. A little darker?
  8. Yes, a little darker, I tested the original Ferrari F399 on the classic mode, the wheel colour would be perfect if it looks like the original, by the way do you have the original Ferrari F399 file?
  9. Yes. When I check it, then I throw new version.
  10. I think the original wheel colour on the original F399 is the perfect one, the balance of grey and white is very fitting.. Is it difficult to turn into the original colour?
    Or if you don't mind I want to ask you to send the original Ferrari F399 on the game via e-mail or anything else, I will edit it
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  11. Not yet. I check the file that I have.
  12. Okay
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