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Skins F1 1993 Benetton 1.0

1993 Car

  1. Senna fan96 submitted a new resource:

    F1 1993 Benetton - 1993 Car

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  2. good effort! :thumbsup:
  3. Very nice! Thanks. :)
  4. Not bad, but take your time, you look to release most livery in less time...

    Its better the quality before the quantity

    just here, i wont do that for every single on you maded, but

    Polti Logo on the front wind, the top is cutted because you didnt size it properly

    The bottom part of the side pod, ok may be RedBull was like that, but you can redo this part to be smoother... ( add carbon if you need )

    The yellow part near the intake of the sidepod need to be green, i dont have the 3D template in the hand, but surely was appart on the template and you didnt make it

    The Yellow winglet on the sidepod should be green

    Dont take this badly, its just a comment to improve yourself
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