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F1 1992 @ Spa-Francorchamps - Sun February 20th 2011

Discussion in 'rFactor 2 Racing Club & Leagues' started by Lee Palmer, Feb 15, 2011.

  1. R2 was simply awesome, got a ok start was boxed in by Adam Eggbeer but it all went clean. Many guys did some mistakes on the first lap letting me up in to 2nd behind Andreas Hall. However I didnt realise I had grown a tail by the name of Wayne Morgan who was behind/besides me for around 8 laps or so, in the process we caught Andreas only to bog down a few times by this three-way battle letting Adam close in fast. After a mistake by Andreas out of Pouhon I was able to pull along side him and brake past him coming in to Campus, with a clear track I pulled out a small but comfortable lead. Looking in my rearview I saw that Andreas, Wayne and Adam was duking hard trying to catch me which led to Adam taking the longest straw of the three and he was able to close the gap very slightly on me the last few laps, I did however ease on the pressure as 1st place was so close.
    Aaaannnd 1st place I got! It almost makes up for the poor performance of R1. :D This will go down as one of the best battles I've had here at RD, fighting for position throughout the whole race and to take first place really is the bee's knee's!
    Huge respect to Adam, Andreas and Wayne, great drivers!
  2. No worries mate, didn't damage the car and it all got a bit tight in there. I think I hit William as well so I apologise for that.

    Q1: Got hit by someone exiting the pits unsafely on attempt 1 and then made mistakes on the other 2 runs, so P6 and a 1 second off what I know I could do.

    R1: Decent start, got around Turn 1. Passed a couple of cars before Eau Rouge and then tried taking Magnus into Les Combes. Screwed it up, went off but managed to rejoin only losing a couple of places. Followed William into Fagnes but he caught me out with braking early so I tried to avoid him but we touched. I felt it was unfair for me to take the position like that so kept over to the right to let William through in the 2nd part of Fagnes. Followed him through Stavelot and Blanchimont before receiving yellow flags. By the time I saw them, I saw some cars off then watched as William braked but shot right. I braked hard and aimed for a gap and avoided the first few cars but caught my left front on William's car that had returned to the track via the wall. So no wheel and the mechanic refusing to repair it, I was forced to retire.

    Q2: Better quali but could of gone quicker. P3 on the grid.

    R2: Made a slow start and took it easy around T1. Had a little squabble at Les Combes and Rivage with William and Chas but got through it. William tried avoiding a car returning to the track at stavelot but went wide which allowed me through up to 4th. From there I just stayed back a couple of seconds off the cars in front in fear of there being an accident as they were really going at it. Set the fastest lap to prove I could catch them which I eventually did when they caught up to Andreas. Andreas made a mistake at the bus stop allowing me through, and then Wayne made a mistake at Les Combes allowing me through. Set about chasing Magnus but he stole the fastest lap away on the penultimate lap so I ended up 2nd.

    Thanks to Lee, RD, and all those who raced. :)
  3. Qual 1 - 8th
    Low 1:49 was all I could squeeze on this track...

    Race 1 - DNF
    Poor "dancing" start - I forgot to practice it before race... After first turn I was ninth followed closely by Erik. In Eau Rouge he was in my opinion way too aggresive and was driving like he was there alone. He bumped heavily to my left rear tire, I caught grass and after coming back on track lost control. I think I report that.

    MOD Edit - Video removed. If you wish to submit a report, please send the video along with an explanation to Lee via PM

    Qual 2 - 10th

    Race 2 - 7th
    Better start, I managed through Eau Rouge but I made a mistake in Les Combes and ended on the grass. I let pass everyone and start chasing:) There were no much overtaking - mainly wrecks avoiding. Especially this action was amusing:tongue: :

    I clamb to 8th place and was chasing Chas:wink: but he was too fast. On the last lap I gained one position after passing by William who was resting upside down in the Blanchimont:wink:

    One more thing - this mod is AWESOME:D Good night
  4. Chris Butcher

    Chris Butcher
    Red Bull Gridsters 2012 Champion

    Sorry I didn't turn up tonight. I had my computer in bits trying to solve a problem but didn't manage to get back in time :( sorry
  5. Great vid Luke! Notice the Jordan Yamahammer squeaking by the Footless driven by yours truly.:cool:

    R1 I dropped the hammer on the guy in front who was finishing off his beer. A lil love tap.:cool:

    About lap 3 I passed into Les Combes and proceeded to blot my copybook a turn later.:redface:

    Exit, stage left.

    R2 picked my way thru the carnage and finished the race chasing Mark "the ripper" Paquette, to no avail.

    Can't wait till next week.

    Oh BTW does RD post the server replays?
  6. Steve, I was a little ticked at the time, and I had my 7 year old daughter at my side watching me race, as she says "Daddy that guy just turned into you", and I turned and looked her in the eyes and I replied to her, "Sweetie, sometimes things like that happen, that is why it's called racing".

    That is why I raced karts for eight years and currently race motocross, you just never know what is going to happen in racing.

    No hard feelings Steve, get some rest tonight.
  7. Thanks to all for the kind words and a good race! I'm still off the pace, but hopefully I'm getting better at being passed. It was easier this time to keep an eye on the mirrors, position readout, and blue flag, all while trying to turn in sooner and keep the hammer down.

    Missed R2 with connection, neck, and back issues. Time to move forward on building a cockpit!

    Special thanks to Erick Davis, whom I met on the practice server last night. He spectated a few laps for me, and his advice is the main reason I'm getting quicker!
  8. One word for today's race. Horrible. Both races a crashing car crossed into my path and a huge crash ended my races. No ones fault, just racing. Maybe next race I won't be such a magnet for crashes.
  9. And to think Scott, you were worried about running another street course event. :wink:
  10. Question; Is there another site to download this mod?
  11. F1 1992 Mod

    Next Venue

    Lee, are you trying to stick to the 1992 Circuits?
    If not can I suggest Brands Hatch as a possible venue for next week.

  12. Thanks for the good words Magnus had a great 2nd race,got rear ended in the first.

    But i find you get the best racing when both parties are willing to give each other room

    and that was the case in this race Adam,Andreas and Magnus.

    so i thankyou all for a great night racing

    in the Meganes tonight
  13. ohh my home track:wink:
  14. Erik Tveit

    Erik Tveit
    I can haz cookie?

    I'm really really really sorry. Just watched the replay now, so sorry. I simply pushed you around in Eau Rouge. If you want to report me do that, because that is really not fair. I should really get some more practice with those round, the slipstream effect was so big. But, of course, I can't complain on that, it was 100% my fault, I'm so sorry. :( Really hope you can forgive me.

    On the other side, 2nd place is something good, but the way through the first lap? :tongue:

    Start: Starting very bad and nearly spinning around two times. Lukasz that started behind me got past. But I got a slight better exit out of 1st corner. So as I said. Simply pushed him around in Eau Rouge. :( Got to Les Combes where Adam and a Ferrari was in the road, and I escaped the Ferrari with 1 or 2cm. And I got nice up to Blanchimont. Where there were 4 cars and 100 of parts over all. Magically I got past. On lap 7th I think, 2nd place took a spin in Stavelot. And finished in a happy 2nd place. :)
  15. If I knew you will admit your fault and will be so sorry I wouldn't report that incident - I do it only when someone is ignoring his mistakes, you're apparently not of this kind:) I reported it this morning but I will try to undo it. No hard feelings Erik - everyone make mistakes, not everyone are willing to admit that. Congrats for your second place:)
  16. First of all i want to say sorry to all the people who feel iam am the bad driver in the crash in the first race. Second of all i want to ask Wayne why he is trying to let all the people think iam the bad driver in this crash. Maybe you have to rewind a few corners before the crash.

    I was on first place and you tryed to overtake in the corner were it wasnt possible so you pushed me out of the track. after that i could folow you and i did expect you to give the place back to me. so thats why i taped you from behind because i thought the speed diference was big and you lift throttle. but as whe all know now you didnt want to give the spot back.

    Iam sorry to say these kinda words here but at the moment i feel like iam the bad driver in this one. But i dont think thats the only truth. I hope all other drivers expect Wayne know iam not a driver who push people of track to win a race. This is one of my first crashes in RD since a long time. most of the time iam a fair driver and when i tap somebody i give place back.

    last but not least i dont wanne argue here in a public forum and dont wanne say other drivers are bad or something. my race last night was a disaster, but i hope others had funn. And i hope others want me back on track in other races.
  17. i never said you were a bad driver.

    by the sounds of it, you were not happy that i tryed to Squeezed passed you and rubbed you

    but you was still on track and behind me.And so much faster down the strights you would have retaken the position on the next stright

    my only hope was to take you in the twisty sections.

    i am SORRY if that made you mad and ended both our races.

    hope to see you on track soon

    ps it was my first time racing with RD and my Apologies if i upset anyone
  18. Hi Wayne,

    Thanks fore the sorry and iam sorry fore the misunderstanding. i wasnt upset about you touching me in the turn. but i thought you would give me room in the turn where whe finaly crashed. I never planed to crash in to you, i wanted to pass you there because i thought you gave room there. but at the moment you turned in it was to late and whe both go off with a big crash. It was terible i couldnt find the esc button so others crashed in my car so they also got out of the race. fore that i cant do more then say sorry now.
  19. Look forward to racing with you Ferry :wink: