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Skins F1 1991 Skins, Performance & Reliability, & more! 2.55

F1 1991 skins,performance,reliability-offline & online versions for GSCE Formula Classics

  1. Keith Windsor submitted a new resource:

    F1 1991 Skins With Electronic Dash GSCE VER 2.55 - F1 1991 Skins, performance, reliability, Electronic Dashboard and more, for Formula Classics!

    UPDATE December 2015: NOW AT Version 2.55 Read more about this resource...

    Last edited: Dec 10, 2015
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  2. Bram

    Ezekiel 25:17 Staff Premium

  3. Bram,
    I know it seems a bit strange, but the dashboard is not so easily changed as it was in GSC2012, so I had to add it into the skin pack. So I left the original skin pack for those that want to keep the default dash. I decided the best way was to offer it as two separate mods so people can choose which dash they want.
  4. Thanks for the skins and the electr. dashboards! this is why i love the community, adds so much more immersion to be playing with original cars. :)
  5. Keith Windsor updated F1 1991 Skins With Electronic Dash with a new update entry:

    Formula Classic 1991 F1 Skins, Performance & Electronic Dash v2 GSCE 1.25

    Read the rest of this update entry...
  6. Keith Windsor updated F1 1991 Skins & performance files, plus Electronic Dash with a new update entry:

    F1 1991 Skins & Performance files plus Electronic dash

    Read the rest of this update entry...
  7. Just tried them.......
    Really look awesome ingame. Thanks for the work Keith :inlove:
  8. The FClassic is one of the cars I have more pleasure in driving the GSCE, physical and ffb are impressive and perhaps also because I am a nostalgic that accompanied the "golden age" of F1 with Senna, Piquet, Prost, Mansell...
    With these Skins, Keith gives us the opportunity to leave the visually better FClassics with these paintings of the time and adjustments to reflect perfectly the performance of the riders and teams of 1991. What I miss are the circuits of the season, but thanks to the excellent work Patrick, for now we are surprised with some new circuit as recently Mexico. Thanks @Keith Windsor , @Patrick Giranthon and the whole community for their efforts and support dedicated to GSCE. Cheers.
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  9. Thanks to everyone for the positive comments, and Wedsley I agree, the Mansell Senna era was my favourite time also, I have some great memories of those seasons.

    I really enjoy the Classics, although recently I have been a bit overwhelmed by the quality and choice that Reiza have given us, I can't decide which car/track to drive next. I decided recently to start a career in rental karts, and work all the way through to the Extremes, but I'm not sure I can ever complete the task, when cars & tracks like the Metalmoro, Marcas 4Tkart, Bologna and others keep appearing and distracting me.

    But I can never resist returning to the Classics every now and then - my '91 skins were never intended to be perfect works of art, I just wanted them to be good enough representations for my offline season, but I'm pleased that so many people have made use of them and I still get a real buzz when I am lapped in my Leyton House by Ayrton Senna!

    I'm currently giving each one of them a bit of a facelift, smartening them up and improving their accuracy against the originals, so I'll upload again when eventually finished :)
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  10. Folks, any feedback is always welcome, particularly about the performance of the cars compared to each other or against the Human.

    Current known issues:

    I know the talent files could be improved - they seem to work well when used with the engine & brake changes, but are not so good if used on their own, and I will be reviewing these.

    Currently the full set of cars has the updated digital dash, with no exceptions. In a future update, the less advance teams will retain the analogue dials, while McLaren & other front runners will have the upgraded dash, which is what was happening in 90/91.

    Reliability was also more of a problem in '91, so I will look at decreasing the reliability of some of the cars (for example the Leyton House and Footwork had a very poor record for getting to the end of the race).
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  11. Tks for the great carset+ I did notice one thing though not sure if anyone is too , but the A.I cars drive like your not there.rubbing you & driving into you all over the place, even with very low Aggression # set ?
  12. MoerasGrizzly


    I know it's probably too much to ask, but I would *love* to see this style of skin pack carried over to all the Formula cars Reiza offers. You've been doing great work so far :D
  13. With this mod, there is one situation where you are likely to experience what you are describing -
    If you are driving any of the slower cars (Footwork, Minardi, Leyton House etc), as in the real world you need to drive your slower car with extra attention to your rear view mirrors, and you must be prepared to give way to the faster cars.
    If Senna or Mansell or any of the top cars approach from behind, they will expect you NOT to hold them up, you need to get off the racing line early or keep your line extremely tight and clean, or they may well barge through. This is because the faster car is capable of braking very slightly later. It is only a slight difference, but the combination of power & braking difference will be most evident at the entry to the turns.

    The best action for a driver of one of the slower cars is, when you see a McLaren approaching in your mirror, 1) keep your cool, hold your line, & brake as late as possible into the next turn, but then stay on the OUTSIDE through the apex, lift the throttle and let him through.


    2) move completely off the racing line, lift throttle and approach the next turn on the INSIDE line, and he will power past you on the outside and cut across you at the apex.

    There is no shame in either of these options :)

    This is an intentional effect of the mod, it can often ruin a qualifying lap if you are forced to clear the way for them, & it can often affect you later in a race when they are lapping you, but that is how it was (and still is with Caterham & Marussia). It forces you to behave differently depending on the car you are driving.

    Hope this explains what is happening.

    As further information, none of my changes have raised the AI speed or aggression in any way, they have actually been lowered by this mod. I made the cars brake earlier than default, and with progressively lower power from front to back of the field.
    The aggression settings in the talent files are also lower than the default ones.
  14. Thanks for the comment, I am planning to add one or two more sets in the not too distant future.

    I am currently giving the '91 cars an overhaul, I know they will never match the works of art of some of the painters here, but I want to improve their appearance and accuracy a bit & also add a reliability factor, which I have used successfully in my own offline racing, particularly 1985 when cars like the Benetton only managed to finish 4 races the whole season!

    The method itself, of varying the braking and power can be carried across very easily, I've used it in the Extremes, Retros & others, & I've been really happy with the results. Hopefully one or two of them will be presentable enough to upload soon :)
  15. MoerasGrizzly


    Yeah, I have seen varying engine power in the Extremes before in another mod but unfortunately that mod did not change the gear ratios for each car accordingly (F1 2014 does feature strict gear ratios, but teams themselves can set the gear ratios at the start of the season) - but what I love most about this is that it's simply a complete package that does not interfere with any of the Reiza stuff, and I adore that. I have this irrational dislike for changing vanilla content :p
  16. Yes, I will definitely use the same system for future ones. I always use a mod manager anyway, but this makes it cleaner and easier even if a mod manager is not used.
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  17. love the detailed work
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