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Released F1 1991 Skins for Game Stock Car 2012 F_Classics

Discussion in 'Stock Car Extreme Mods' started by Keith Windsor, Feb 19, 2013.

  1. F1 1991 Skins for Game Stock Car 2012 F_Classics

    This is a set of 1991 skins for the F_ Classics, for Game Stock Car 2012.

    I have created these for my own offline '91 season, but have uploaded them in case anyone wants them.

    They are not exact replicas, but are hopefully a reasonable representation of the '91 cars and drivers.

    The set represents 26 of the cars & helmets from that season, as that is the maximum allowed by the reiza championship, and luckily is also the number of race qualifiers in 1991. Talent files are included to help make the driver performances reasonably close to the '91 season.

    NOTE 1 - these files are recommended for offline use, and are likely to cause a mismatch and kick you from online servers. (they have only been tested for offline use).
    NOTE 2 - NOT tested with earlier versions of Game Stock Car - I believe the cars may work ok but the helmets will not show up correctly, as the templates have changed.

    If you are an experienced sim racer, then you will know what to do with the files.
    If you need further guidance installing, please see the readme file included in the download, and check the further information below.

    alesipreview.jpg grouillardpreview.jpg mansellpreview.jpg
    *** IMPORTANT ***
    These skins will directly REPLACE ALL car skins, driver helmets, and veh files in ALL your default Formula Classic Skins folders, so please be sure to back up all the relevant folders (listed below)
    It will also add driver talent files to :

    This skin set includes car skins, driver helmets and VEH files for 26 drivers from the 1991 F1 season.
    To save space, it does NOT include the driver.dds files, so you will need to use the default ones.
    To install:
    1) backup each of the above folders and keep them somewhere safe to return the game to default in the future

    2) copy the new folders into GameData/Vehicles/F_Classic folder, overwriting files when asked.
    3) copy contents of talent folder into GameData/Talent/F_Classic (this will not overwrite your originals, it will just add more drivers into the talent folder, but it's still a good idea to backup the original before doing this).
    I recommend a mod manager such as Jonesoft Genric Mod Enabler - it will do all this for you and the files here are already in the correct structure.

    Classic01 folder:
    01 mclaren
    02 mclaren
    03 tyrrell
    04 tyrrell
    05 williams
    06 williams
    09 footwork
    10 footwork
    15 leyton house
    16 leyton house
    32 jordan
    33 jordan
    23 minardi
    24 minardi

    07 brabham
    08 brabham


    11 lotus
    12 lotus


    19 benetton
    20 benetton


    21 Dallara
    22 Dallara

    27 ferrari
    28 ferrari


    14 fondmetal
    17 ags
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  2. This would make very easy to someone to run a League with these cars and people only need to pick a skin to run. Thanks a lot for it!
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  3. Have just loaded these in Keith and they look FANTASTIC!
    I will record a race soon and post it in the Vid section.

    Thanks man.
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  4. Thanks for the comments, I will look forward to seeing the video. :)
  5. Well here it is. It's longer than i planned but it was such a great race for me it just kept going!
    The only changes i made Keith was a very small change to a few of the drivers "speed" and "agression" parameters but apart from those very minor adjustments it's as you set it.
    Thanks again m8, i am loving these cars again and have started my own little 6 race championship. I would like to hear how yours goes! PM me the details if you get time :)

    BTW, for this race i set the AI to 98% so as i could get my slower Brabham up amongst the leaders (they seem to be much faster on non GSC tracks) and the tyre wear to 3x (i think this works on non GSC tracks...not sure)?

    ...and the Qualy laps here

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  6. This really is the most under-rated race sim I reckon - I enjoyed the video and there are some fantastic moments in it, Murray Walker would have been getting excited :) - Mansell's quick reaction to avoid Prost's mistake; Berger taking out Prosts wheel, that looked brilliant!
    Just wondering about Bergers helmet as it is not showing properly in the video, maybe I have made a mistake with that helmet file, I will check and update it if necessary.

    Yes I think both the tyre wear and fuel multiplier works ok on all tracks, as far as I can tell.
  7. Once I get this sim, I will definatly try these skins! :)
  8. Hmmm, had a problem with the race Vid. Here it is now...

  9. F1 1991 Skins for Game Stock Car 2012 F_Classics - 1.0

    V1.1 Minor corrections made to Brundle helmet, and corrected missing paint inside cockpits.
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  11. - 1.2

    Improved Talent files so the AI should hopefully not spin or crash into each other as much. Thanks to Bill Devery for spotting this.
  12. Link is not working
  13. awesome . .would this work with GSC 13 ?
  14. Just tried it with GSC 13, and seems to work fine.
  15. They work yes! But the skins need to be fixed, @Keith Windsor. They seem to have a what looks like a film on them? So something has changed in 2013.
  16. Rupe Wilson

    Rupe Wilson
    Senior HistorX club driver Staff Premium

  17. OK,
    I kept telling myself I didn't need GSC2013 as I am happy with 2012, but seeing all the good comments about it, I have caved in and bought it, downloading now :)
    When I get chance I will take a look at the skins and see if I can update them. Can't promise though as I am no expert with alpha channels. If anyone else can do it in the meantime then please go ahead.
    Last edited: Oct 29, 2013
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  18. It's really easy to convert with these alpha layer files.
    All you have to do is in photoshop (or gimp) copy the old skin and paste it on top of the .tga you can find find from the .rar and save to .dds. That's it.

    I'm in the process to convert your Indy car set, naturally only for personal use unless you give me green light to release them here, will credit you of course. Or I can do the conversion and send the pack to you for you to release them.
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